Who would quit a job making $58000 to do this?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kse1221, Apr 30, 2012.

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    My goal is to have a lawn business. Grow my business and have employees doing the back breaking labor. People do it everyday. There is a difference between being self employed (you) and being a business owner. Did Sam Walton still sack groceries at the super Walmart.... No. Does the papa johns pizza guy still deliver pizza? No. I am no stranger to labor, but I want a business not another job.

    With that understood I would say have at-er !
    Lawncare.... IS NOT ONE JOB YOU CAN GET DONE OVERSEAS!!!!! If you have a good plan you should be able to do fine.

    I personally am just not that kind of person, nor am I ashamed to say I am not. I truly respect and admire those that are. Best of Luck!!
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    I am in a very similar situation. While I enjoy my current job, I have always been interested in running my own business.

    Trust me, I have crunched the numbers and the potential to make a lot of money in this business is there... if the effort is put in. You need to start working on a business plan, if done correctly, you will set expectations and have a clear understanding on where you need to be on a month to month basis.

    I would also recommend starting slow. I am still working full time and mowing about 7 residential and 1 commercial lawns per week.

    This example below may be dreaming, but its definitely doable!
    Quick Math
    8 Lawns per day at $50 = $400
    $400 per day x 5 = $2000
    $2000 x 27 weeks (rough estimate) = $54000

    Expenses (Considering that equipment is paid for)
    Gas - $6500
    Insurance - $700
    Advertising - $800
    Misc - $5000

    End up with 41K
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    depends on what the job is, i normally make 50k a year, with similar benefits at my job, cept.... its overnight shift, i never see my family. my sleeping schedule is so off, i am like a zombie most of the time. its warehouse work, i am constantly moving heavy boxes for 10+ hour shifts. i've recently been through a major shoulder surgery from gradual onset injury. people think i'm off my rocker, but my goal is to leave and go work solo doing lawn care. my wife works, and i can live off of less money. if i had a normal day job, that i thought i could be at till retirement, i'd stay. i have a better chance in lawn care when i reach 60 than i do in a warehouse if i work till i'm 65.. lol, i'm 35 now. still got a ways to go! anyways, life is too short to do something you don't want to do. but whats more important, money and things? or happiness? lol. who knows. however, i know my heart is into this type of work, not warehouse work.

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    Would if quit a 58k a year job to do this No I would not. However I already made that leap so the better question is would I quit owning my business for 58k HELL NOOOO 100k NOPE 125k NOPE 158k That might take some soul searching depends how anal is this job about the start times.
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    Nope! I got laid off of a factory job making 60K+ with great benefits, and honestly was scared to death, but I had saved up a LOT OF MONEY so I made the decision to go out on my own and looking back it was the best decision I've made to date, it's rough, but I'm enjoying myself everyday now, something I wasn't doing before.
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    There are a lot of guys on here who know a lot so take it all in, that being said I did and have never looked back. This last year I made over 50k, and it was my fourth year. We have to work year round meaning pushing snow in the winter. I have one full time guy from April until October. After October he is on unemployment and on call for us. This may not work in your state. And he can only work so many hours and keep his unemployment.
    From may till September he runs a crew him self and a another guy, and I run the other crew with two other guys. I have a extra guy because I have to answer the phone talked to customers and we mow the bigger places.
    In the winter we have a bigger JD that I use to plow parking lots with, and then we have a smaller JD with a plow that we use to plow side walks and drive-ways with. I could gone on. And we only mow Monday through Thursday, and half days on Fridays doing maintenance. Weather providing lol.
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    With my day job I make a little over 50k, and for the last few months I've been thinking about going fulltime BUT, in order for me to do it I need at least 70 lawns to be where I'm at now with income. I only have 30 so far, so I need about 40 more and about 3 more years of hard ass advertising. Married with 2 kids will be hard for me to do it and is scared to just jump head first in it.
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    Not to start anything but am I missing something you have no customers! your not over night going to have 100 customers. Your going to have to start out as a one man operation. You keep asking about commercials theres so much competition it takes years to aquire them and to be able to build a reputation to aquire them. I had a job making 60k a year with unlimited overtime and $200 dollar health care but I wasnt happy. I run my own landscaping snow removal company and have several employees depends on time of year. Even with them Im still out working with someone else on a mowing route because I love it and in the winter I have my own snow plowing route where I handle alot of our high end accounts. Even after my routes are done I go around and check random jobs for quality control. To who ever estimated $800 for advertising thats funny I spend $1300 for internet advertising alone in a month. Your just starting out no one knows who you are it takes time and patients. I love this field and wouldnt change it, most days I love my job some days I want to scream. Not trying to be discourage anyone but this is a competitive business and you have to start out as a one man business everyone does theres no shame in it and you appreciate where your at as you grow. As for the retirement statements I invest in rental property's as my source of retirement for the future any money I make in rent after paying taxes, home insurances, repairs goes into buying more propertys
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    To who ever estimated $800 for advertising thats funny I spend $1300 for internet advertising alone in a month.

    WOW! that's some expensive internet advertising, I can easily get away with $800/month for advertising on avg, it kinda ebbs and flows throughout the year but $800 is a good avg.
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    Yes it is but the average lawn install in alaska is about a acre so one job pays for almost the year. I pick up approx. 15 new jobs a month with just internet advertising. Im a big supporter of online advertising its where probably 60% of my business comes from. I do newspapers, cache (its nothing but business adds goes out once a month), door hangers (second most successful). Trust me I like cheap and free advertising the results werent what I was looking for. Half the battle is getting your name and the quality of your work out to the consumers.

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