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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ScCo, Jan 26, 2005.

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    I received my package from the Arkansas State Plant Board today that contains the materials I have to familiarize myself with to obtain licensing for herbicide applications in Arkansas. The package contained A LOT more material than I was under the impression that I would have to learn to obtain my licensing.

    The information sheet that tells which license classifications require whatever various tests is hard to understand, so I'm going to have to call the plant board again tomorrow to make sure I have things in order to start preparing for the test.

    Does anyone have any pointers on where to start learning the material, or any certain areas of the herbicide application material that is generally tested more than the other areas?

    Basically I'm a little overwhelmed with the pile of books and pamphlets I have in front of me, but I want to do things the right way, so I'm looking for any advice you all are willing to give a person to get on the right track.


  2. qball98

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    If you tell me which classifications you are going to take I may be able to help you narrow it down some. When are you planning on taking the test?
  3. ScCo

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    thanks for the reply qball.

    classification 5 is the one I'm wanting to get taken care of first and foremost.

    I am looking to complete the classification 4 licensing as well, but that would be at a later date.

    I'm wanting to take the classification 5 test as soon as possible. With that said however, It looks like i'm stuck waiting until April since I can't meet the application deadline for the february testing.

    Thanks again for any input you can give me. I'm looking forward to getting my licensing taken care of where I can expand the range of services we provide.

    Much appreciated,

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    The next test date is on the second Monday in February if you get your application sent off quickly you might get in as long as it gets there 15 days before the test date.

    The basic exam is fairly easy most of it is common sense straight out of the book just read Applying Pesticides Correctly and pay attention to the term to know and test your knowledge sections for each chapter. Learn how to apply correctly pesticides correctly, like how to avoid drift, and learn what the information on a label all means.

    The class 5 test is a little harder read all the handouts on weed control they sent with the books and the sections in the weed and brush control book covering Turf. Study the chemical names and know how each one works, like is it top burn, systematic, post emergent, pre emergent, low volatile, etc. Your should also know the definition for things like top burn, systematic post emergent, ect. Study the information in the front of the book on sprayer calibration, know the formulas and how find out how much product you need to use per acre. The key point to remember on this test is all the questions are on weed control ONLY! All of the information on diseases and insects is for the class 4 test.

    The class 4 test is a pain in the azz. In my opinion they do not send enough information for a person to easily pass it. You need to know the definitions for the most common insects and diseases found in Arkansas trees and ornamentals. There are 3 questions alike each worth 12 points each." Name an insect or related arthropod and its control" and one page worth 12 points wanting you to "Name a disease of turf or ornamentals and its control". They have a whole page wanting you to list things like how to identify it, manual controls, which chemicals and at what strengths strengths to use, basically the whole 9 yards.

    I will tell you what I did was to take the core test, the weed control and the ornamental test at the same time but I did not study for the ornamental I just took it to get a better idea on what you need to study to pass it (by the way I am taking the ornamental again in February). Here is something else you might be interested in the plant board that sends you the information to study has no idea what is on the test. When I called to ask them a question the told me they hire a professor from the University of Arkansas to do the testing and what is on the class 4 and 5 test is what he thinks you should know.

    If I can be of any more help just let me know.

  5. ScCo

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    that helps a great deal qball.

    I REALLY appreciate your taking the time to give me the info.

    Have a good one,

  6. qball98

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    I forgot to mention that you should take a calculator with you.

    Good luck on the test.


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