whole sheet or half sheet flyers!

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    do you guys use whole 8.5 x 11 or do you put 2 on 1 to save $? where the best place to get your flyers printed?
  2. work_it

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    I design all my own flyers. I use 5''x8'' cards which seem to work well. Most people today don't want to read anything except the services you offer and a phone number. Anything other than that is fluff and a waste of time, space and money.
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    During my initial start-up season last year, I was on a real tight budget. I decided to cut advertising expenses by using half-page flyers to promote my April Grass Attack. It worked nicely and I pulled in about 50% of the customers who eventually went on to become full-time accounts during 2004. The flyer simply listed my services and a $5.00 discount for the first visit. It was printed out on my computer and copied on "grass green" paper at a local Office Depot. I was really surprised by the response.
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    Here's a copy of the 5x8 I use as a flyer. The left margin is a little messed up since I had to reformat it to post it here. Each of the services are preceeded by a bullet. I left enough room in the bottom right corner for add ons like special offers.

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    Back in our landscaping days this is what we used. This is the flyer we put out once we had decided to move full time into landscaping/hardscaping. I will also post one of my new companies flyers. Also in my experience we got a somewhat better response from full page than our half page flyer's. We averaged a little less then a 1% return on the half and slightly over 1% with the full page advertisements.
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    Our fall promotion flyer
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    Nothing makes a company look better than great advertising!

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