wholesale christmas light companies ... contact info


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I am already preparing for next year. During the hollidays we do christmas decorations. I need a good place to buy WHOLESALE christmas lights.

Thank you in advance!



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Your going to find that most of us here closely guard our supplier information. We give enough information that you should be able to find everything though. We just do not like to give it away on a silver platter. If you do some searches and read through the threads you will find it though.

Here is a link to a recent thread where we explain to another poster why we do not discuss this information as opennly as you will see vendors discussed in other areas of lawnsite.

In that linked thread it is summed up pretty simply by comparing our vendors to john deere vx exmark. Your customer doesn't care what brand commercial mower you use, because it makes little difference in the quality of the cut. But in our industry, the brand of commercial product is exactly what sets us apart from our competitors
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David Gretzmier

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There is mainly the pricing issue. I use my name as my handle here, and while I can recommend Holidynamics as well, they have a contractor pricing level and retail. I really don't need my customers knowing exactly where I get my products and what I pay for clips, wreaths, etc. And they do look for me by the way. they google your name and your business name and check you out. They read your posts on boards. So while I am happy to discuss what I charge customers retail and what overhead costs and etc. on a public board, and maybe marketing companies I use, I no longer reveal my costs of goods sold or where I buy them.

Customers will read this info and use it against you to try and get your price down. funny thing is, they ignore the discussions on the internet on the costs of this business, the insurance, building overhead and truck, gas expense and pretend that dies not exist when it comes to pricing. They only want to know what you "paid" for it.


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Wow.... intresting... really???? Im not asking for prices. Im asking for information on where and whom to contact. Example Call bob at ________. Does this board not have a personal message frature! PM me

Thank you a BUNCH for those that can help.


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Christmas Designers has an ad on this site. Check them out. Quality product, good selection, excellent service and a wholesale pricing program.

I also recommend contacting Chad Heese with Brite Ideas.