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    We have a specific website with our wholesale pricing. If anyone is interested please PM me.

    I won't post the link at this time, as some folks don't like having wholesale prices posted for the general public.
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    LED's with a one year warranty from an unknown company is going to be a hard sell to experienced guys. Too many people have had issues. It's hard to compete against places like Christmas Designers who have a three season warranty and not just a one year (six weeks basically).
  3. hotrod1965

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    We are hardly an unknown company. In fact, we have been members here longer than you have. We just haven't pushed our wholesale program that much. You make more money on retail. We've been in the LED Christmas light business since 2007, both as an installer and a retailer. Before last season, we sold off our installation part of the business.

    Our warranty is actually a three year tiered warranty. It appears my web guy has messed up on the last site update. On our retail site the warranty reads:

    "All holiday light strands have a three year limited warranty. Lights are covered at 100% of replacement cost for the first year, 50% of replacement cost for year two and 33% replacement cost for year three. A year is defined as one 90 day lighting season. Lights installed longer than 90 days are void of warranty"

    We have made the decision to offer a lower price point on our lights vs. having a full 3 year warranty. Our lights are top quality with very low fail rates.

    I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
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    Your prices aren't too much higher then Christmas Designers tier three. But they do a full three years with no prorating. The prorating may send the message that you think that by season three your faith in the product is diminished by 2/3rds. Three years is only about 630 hours of use.

    Selling lights with a warranty at all I realize is risky. You don't know what the end user is going to use the lights for and the folks in China have been known to get many companies in LED hot water over the years.

    I'm small time compared to some of the other heavy hitters on here. I think I spent $25K on lights last year. But for me if I'm going to spend that kind of money I need my supplier to have more skin in the game. Because of all the LED horror stories over the years it's probably difficult to pick up much market share against the established companies who you know have been around and won't go out of business or conveniently change their name and void warranties.

    I'm all for having more suppliers. Competition is a good thing so I hope you do well for the long run.I'm not trying to flame you but merely give you my honest feedback.

    This industry is interesting where you constatly have companies with their reputations getting better and others going down hill. One year they have a premium $1500 membership to filter out the Joe Blows and then a few years later the front door is open to anyone with pocket change and a step ladder.
  5. hotrod1965

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    1. We make it easy for companies of all sizes to get good pricing. You don't have to buy full cases, or even have $10K orders to get the best pricing. You can be a small company starting out and get great pricing on lights. This helps you be competitive when you are starting out. We all know how tough this industry is. The trade off on this is offer the warranty the way we do. When you are a wholesaler, and have a three year warranty and charge people more for smaller orders, you are basically pinning the warranty cost on your smaller orders.
    When you look at order distributions, there are not a lot of people hitting your top tiers and getting your best pricing.

    2. There are a lot of LED horror stories in the commercial install market simply because folks went out and bought the cheapest lights without doing any testing. I never ran into a single issue when I was an installer. Why? Because my first year, I bought from a bunch of different suppliers and I tested the lights. I found what worked better than anything. Now for the last four years, we have been direct importing these lights.

    3. We have been growing like crazy since day one. So we are not going anywhere anytime soon. I would recommend you check out Planet Christmas and read up on our reputation. We have hundreds and hundreds of customers there that are happy.

    I really appreciate the feedback! We know where we are going with our business and listening to our customers and potential customers is what drives us there. So keep the questions and comments coming.

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