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Wholesale Markup/Retail markup?


LawnSite Bronze Member
For those that can get items at wholesale price, How much do you mark the items up?

Say you get a $4000 pond kit wholesale, would you mark it up 40%, 60%, 30%?

What about retail? I get boulders for $90/ton. But then mark up to 110/ton. Is that standard?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Different products have greater margins.

We get dealers rates(better than wholesale) on just about everything because we are also a retail outlet....

Sorry I don't have a specific answer for you. Whatever the market will bear. On your example of boulders ...what are they retailing for around your area? I would guess that if your getting them wholsale your saving at least 30%?


LawnSite Member
Check out aquascapesdesign.com I think that is the address. They may have info o line or you can call them and get prices. I son't have the info at present..