wholesale mulch in Wisconsin


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Oneida, WI
I would like to say hello and thank you for providing such a wonderful and informative area to ask and have answered questions that affect all of us who have love for landscaping and lawncare. This is father and sons first day aboard.

My main concern today and this week basically is finding a wholesale provider for cedar and hardwood mulch. Im sick of all my nursury providers undercutting me with my weak business discount and providing my customers (many of whom have considerable weight within the community and surrounding area) with a better one just because of their "name".

Now for years it didnt matter because we would get our discount and add a little per yard which would usually bring the price a bit above what you would pay retail. Last few years however some of our "smarter" customers are going to our providers and getting there own discounts completely bypassing us. Piss me off!

We are located in Wisconsin. I have tried many nites now to find a source online but havent been able to find one either because of distance or lack of availability. (it seems cedar is harder to come by and this is exactly what i really need most of). If anyone can please give me a few names in WI that they know of I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.