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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Father&Son, Nov 1, 2000.

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    I would like to say hello and thank you for providing such a wonderful and informative area to ask and have answered questions that affect all of us who have love for landscaping and lawncare. This is father and sons first day aboard.

    My main concern today and this week basically is finding a wholesale provider for cedar and hardwood mulch. Im sick of all my nursury providers undercutting me with my weak business discount and providing my customers (many of whom have considerable weight within the community and surrounding area) with a better one just because of their "name".

    Now for years it didnt matter because we would get our discount and add a little per yard which would usually bring the price a bit above what you would pay retail. Last few years however some of our "smarter" customers are going to our providers and getting there own discounts completely bypassing us. Piss me off!

    We are located in Wisconsin. I have tried many nites now to find a source online but havent been able to find one either because of distance or lack of availability. (it seems cedar is harder to come by and this is exactly what i really need most of). If anyone can please give me a few names in WI that they know of I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.
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    Do you have a place to store a large amount of mulch? If so, I'd recommend calling some of the sawmills in Wisconsin. I can't help you with names there, because we get ours from local folks, too. I think Tillman in GB can get you semi loads for $8 per yard. You can get it even cheaper straight from the sawmills, and have it trucked to your place. Otherwise, you'll just have to find your best source for small quantities locally. How much are you paying for mulch right now?
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    well i have the same question really where can I get red hemlock for a good price? I'm in the boston area. How much and when would you have to put an order in? I don't want the dyed stuff just pur red hemlock.
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    Yes we do have a parcel where we could tuck away some large piles. Sawmills are a good idea and one ive already considered except i was searching under terms more associated with "loggers" and "wood products". I will try to pinpoint some of those sources using sawmills though because for some reason its a term i hadnt thought of.

    The problem isnt finding hardwood, i guess, because there are plenty of sources for that but cedar seems to be hard to find around here for wholesale purchase. We have a few specific orders next season for very large accounts and I dont want to lose that chunk of the change to the local nursury again.

    We will usually get hardwood for somewhere around 15/yard and cedar at 18/yard with our business discount. the reason we ran into trouble last year was that some of these large accounts are that way because they are owned by smart businessmen who werent afraid to haggle with the nursury and get the same discount we get on such a large quantity for their yard. I dont want to have them bypass us again first because it seems unethical/unfair to us and second because the nursury also does most of the same landscaping/lawn maintenance that we do so i naturally would do anything(even break even on the mulch) just to cut them out of the picture. You know how that goes. Lots of things to make you spiteful in this or any other business when it comes to the competition: big guys vs. little guys.

    I wasnt aware of that kind of price from tillman. that sounds ungodly cheap. and if im able to get it cheaper from in state sawmills then im absolutely grateful for the information.

    Where are you located, incidentally??

    Thank you.
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    We're in Appleton.

    I had just met the driver for a sawmill a few weeks ago that supplies one of the area's biggest landscape co's with mulch, and asked for a card, but he didn't have one. I tried to remember the name, but didn't. We don't have the land to store mulch, but I wanted to keep the name handy for when the time came. The driver told me they can mix different kinds of tree bark, specific to your order (in semi-loads), or give you a straight batch of whatever you want. If I remember correctly he was giving me a ballpark price of $6 per yard for semi loads, depending on the type of mulch/mix you want.

    I'm flipping through WLF membership directory - here are some names to check out:

    Enercon - Hartford 262.673.8025
    Xylem - ???, WI 309-654-2261
    Landscape Stuff by Demler, New Berlin 414.422.1159

    That should get you started. Let me know what you find out.
  6. Father&Son

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    Thanks bud, I'll keep you posted.

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