Wholesale Mulch Prices- What Do You Pay?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by PlantscapeSolutions, Sep 20, 2010.

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    The other mulch thread of mine has been pretty active. Here in central Texas I can get good mulch from Austin Wood Recycling for $2.10 a bag. If I buy a truckload it's $1.99. I'd like to see what other people are paying and pics of the mulch. Please do not post pics of home owner crap mulch like shredded pine, pine bark nuggets, cypress mulch, ect.

    Good mulch should look like a homogeneous mix. You shouldn't be able to differentiate between the composted wood and bark that has been through the tub grinder.

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    Try Whittlesey......pretty price competitive and closer to central Austin.
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    I'm in Buda so Austin Wood Recycling's FM 812 plant is close by. I tried my friend Philip Gosh's Organics By Gosh mulch but it wasn't up to par. But for soil Philip is the guy to see. He actually sells some of his stuff at the Home Depots.

    You also have Kinser Ranch that's southwest but their mulch also falls short of my expectations. There's also some other mulch joint on 620 near the Home Depot. Gardenenville and probably another handful of places in town make mulch as well.

    Austin Wood Recycling is the only place in central Texas that owns the best tub grinders money can buy. The little guys just don't have have close to a million to shell out for best grinders. The little guy usually try to sell mulch after just a few months of aging as well. At first the mulch look OK and then after just a month the stuff is all faded and looks like it's a year old.

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