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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by lukemelo216, Apr 11, 2011.

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    Hey guys Im looking for a large wholesale provider of mulch in the WI/IL area. Something like a regional supplier that supplies all over an area. I know that if you buy direct from the supplier you get the mulch at an even cheaper rate then I would if I called my nursery, who in turn called the supplier to deliver it to me.

    I thought there was one some where in like Northwester WI in Appleton or Oshkosh but maybe I am wrong. Any help would be awesome.

    Im looking for a supplier that carries a large variety (shredded, double shredded, playground chips, red, etc.)

    IF anyone knows of a really fair priced playground chip provider that will be even better. Im getting charged $27/yd direct shipment through my nursery.
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    Where exatly are you located? I'm in northern Illinois and might be able to help. How much mulch do you normally buy in a season and if your comfortable telling me what are the prices your paying now?
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    Usually we only go through like 100-150 yards per season. My real main concern right now is trying to find a playground wood chip supplier. I am buying playground chips with shipping from my nursery (90 yards) for $27/yard. Directly shipped from their supplier.

    A school I cut at asked me to provide them with 90 yards of playground chips. So I am just trying to find a better price on the product, and wanted to see if anyone around the area knows of a place.
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    XYLEM serves the whole midwest. DO a Google serach and you'll find them. They're bringin us a load today.

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