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Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by bobcat1, Jan 1, 2008.

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    Depending on quality.....easily
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    I am beginning my business this season and have a few contracts. I am trying to locate bulk mulch in my area simply to purchase for the jobs I have lined up. I am working out of the Boise, Idaho area. Any possible business names I could contact? So far I have only located general sales businesses not wholesale sources.
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    Im not sure who sells it in the Boise area.Sorry good luck
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  5. tunatime17

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    Tommyboy, What company? Banfe? If not who in NJ? Thanks!!!!
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    Tunatime17, in North Jersey, I deal with S. Rotondi and Kira Land Mgmt. Other companies are Reliable, American Wood Products, Nature's Choice and Grinnell. I'm not sure who grinds in South Jersey by Delaware. If you can't locate a local outlet from one of these, you can try looking for land clearing companies that grind mulch in your area.
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    Tommyboy, email me at fred171@aol.com. Could you give me some contact info. I could pick it up, especially at 10-11 a yard. THANKS

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