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    I am looking into starting a small wholesale nursery and have a few questions. I currently own and operate a lawn care/landscaping business, but previously worked a retail/wholesale nursery and am looking to expanding into tree growing. I know some plant background and have adequate land our family owns 60 acres, of which approx. 25 is easily plantable.

    Tree Liners:

    Does anybody have any experience buying seedlings online? If so, where from? I have looked at TN Nursery and their prices seem to be competitive. Or should I spend a little more and buy local?

    What is the best size to buy? Is there a less chance of survival the older the bare-root (i.e. 12-18" vs. 3-4')?

    What to Plant:

    Any recommendations on the best starter tree? Something that has good value but easy to maintain and high success rate.

    How long can an ornamental tree be expected to take to fully grow to time of sale? Also, what is generally the size (height/caliper) of a tree ready for market?

    How do you plan for crop rotation? Do you divide your land into 5 or 6 sections and plant equivalently in succession years to ensure a harvest each year?

    I am looking to start small, anywhere from 200-600 trees to begin with and then expand from there if it works well. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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