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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by superrman77, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. superrman77

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    Just figured I would throw something out at you guys who buy plants wholesale. Yesterday I had to go to the nursery and get some plants. I got everything at wholesale. But today I went to Home Depot and was looking around and noticed some prices. A 5 gallon boxwood at the nursery was 37 bucks and it was 29 and Home Depot with a year warranty on it. I am not saying don't buy wholesale but keep in mind you can still get some items cheaper at lowes and homedepot.

    Money saved in Money made!
  2. MarcSmith

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    and the money you save by buying from HD and lowes is lost as you have to make multiple stops to check prices, and what if the big box doesn't have what you want, or not enough of them...you still end up back at the wholesale nursery.

    Have you mentioned the pricing difference to the nursery? maybe the mispriced something. I know that if I buy form nursery or even a re-wholesaler like shemins the plants are well cared for and usually better quality than what you find at HD or lowes.

    The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet smell of a cheap price disappears.
  3. FLAhaulboy

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    I use HD/Lowes when I need a few plants & yes, the prices are much lower. If I'm planting tray or small potted flowers, HD/Lowes has a far better selection than my nursery & the price is again unbeatable.
  4. Think Green

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    I don't advocate using these big retail giants, but let me say this. This season, our wholesales nurseries were selling the usual same one gallon azaleas assortments for around 2.99. Lowe's has them for 1.89. with their one year warranty.
    They have one gallon liriope for 2.99 and for wholesale it cost 3.99. 8 gallon willow trees for 19.99 and large maples for 17.99............................wholesales nurseries around here cannot even touch them for that price. Bedding plants are a problem also.

    The big issue is the supply to demand ratio. I agree with you that if you have a large job coming up you cannot depend on the material being there. We are having problems as everyone else with the mulch availability. We will still buy from these giants on some of their bedding material. I know the management locally and they tell me if the trucks are running and on what day. We were in our store on wednesday and bought 1,000.00 bux worth of bedding and hanging baskets. Our local guys don't have the stuff ready yet for some odd reason. My local suppliers lost out on this small ticket sale but I will still go back the people that take care of me. ALWAYS HAVE!!!

    Don't get me wrong, but back when I was Lowe's Live Plant Specialist, corporate told me that they will dominate the south before long. But we all know who own's Lowe's don't we???

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