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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by 06HD BOSS, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. 06HD BOSS

    06HD BOSS LawnSite Member
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    After dealing with Christmas Trees of Vermont for the last 20yrs...i just got off the phone with them and was informed that they wont be selling wholesale anymore. Great. Now ive got a short amount of time to find a wholesaler in CT (or close to CT).
    Looking for Frasier Fir 5', 6', 7', 8', 9'. Does anyone have suggestions that could help me out?
  2. mike949706

    mike949706 LawnSite Member
    from CT
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    i'm looking for the same.i need help too
  3. Guthrie&Co

    Guthrie&Co LawnSite Senior Member
    from nc
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    we are out of sparta nc. let me know if we can be of any help to you.

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