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I went to do a cut for a customer that I have today. He Is an realestate invester and treats me well. Thus I have kept him so far. I have 8 of his houses full service and he sent me for a quote and to get it looking good for some new tenents today.
As I approach, frount yard very nice previous owners kept it up really well.
As I get to the back it is looking pretty good. AhHHHHHH Little seedlings everywhere. I mean the whole lawn is thin with millions of small seedlings everywhere.
What do you do?
What works best to take care of these pesky seedlings?
I need to sub it out but would like to get the oppinion of what you guys usually use to take care of this problems so I have a way as to direct the sub so I don't get screwed.
Wish I had taken some pictures.
I almost called the owner and said It will be such and such to prune the back yard.
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