Whooped the 'pros' today.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, Aug 24, 2006.

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    As I was first lowering my tailgate comes along this shiny outfit with the usual collection of equipment on the back, not that I was paying attention until one of them yelled 'Heya boy' in a real derogatory tone of voice... I would say it was a racist remark, but that might not come off right seeing how I'm white... Still, it was said like that. Of course I took down their registration, figuring if they had no respect of me as a person, if equipment turned up missing, at least I'd know where to start looking.

    It was two of them, a show they made of unloading the ZEE, I am thinking these two... By this time I had the 48" Wb going full speed ahead, got done with that and was through weedeating while the blower started as usual and that was woosh-woosh, then came leaving the bill and the round-up application... I'd say I was just about done while they were cooling off, having a drink.

    By which time I had started the truck, and was turning around in the same cul-de-sac they were in, of course they waved like all smiles on their face while I just drove on, not acknowledging their presence at all, except to stop and look in the rearview so I could write down their company name and phone number off the neat signs on their truck... Who would've thought, there IS a good thing about signs!

    Now for those of you who wonder why I never wave back, there's one reason why. So if someone starts thinking of or acting like a jerk that's fine but don't get all nice later, you won't get the time of day out of me, after all, why start being nice to me now?

    I am still half tempted to leave a short letter with their customer about their Lco's behaviour towards other companies, that is not to say I may not turn them into the county's licensing division (contractors and chem applicators, not to mention zoning) to make sure they're all squared away... Seeing how they're not in either phonebook, that is.
    I was further tempted to offer to cut their grass for $5 less, but that I won't do, thou tempt me it did.

    So to anyone getting a little too excited, watch what you say and how you act towards fellow workers.
    If I got nothing nice to say, I say nothing.
    Treat someone like me with contempt and they better watch their back.
  2. Runner

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    Are you absolutely sure they meant it in a duragatory way? They may have just been using rougher men's acknowledgement (lke we do on the annual father-son canoe trip). we ae ALWAYS saying things like "God, look at the head on THAT thing!" when we first see someone we hadn't seen in a long time and/or calling each other names....
    It is possible that this may just have been their mood or tempo at this point, while you were in a mellower mode. Especially if they waved when you went back by.
    I know many times I mean nothing biut well, but I come acrross as rather gruff. Some is just my sarcasm, some is just my tone of voice at times.
    Anytime anyone is like this with me, I don't let it get to me. It is the ones that don't wave or say hello that are the ones that are direspectful, in my opinion.
  3. geogunn

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    what? you "whooped" them...........

    so that means you are not one of them? "a pro"?

    imagine that.

    GEO :dizzy:
  4. BBN

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    I don't know if they meant it negative but I have noticed some ******** class system in this line of work that people think they are better than other since they're loaded with the top of the line stuff despite the fact that they're buried in debt with this stuff.(sounds like a priority screwup to me). The class system seems like human nature and that's life. The fact that some have to "flaunt" crap that the bank still owns perplexes me. I guess like the people with the nice homes and two Escalades in the driveway that openly boast about themselves but inside fear getting the bills paid on time.

    This isn't meant for here but for someone I know that had this attitude and had it all taken away a couple years later after he couldn't keep up with the payments.
  5. befnme

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    dont know how to take it . altho it seems they coulda been givin you a run for your money i guess. as far as the jotting down numbers i do that all day. if i see someone in an unlettered truck (or car around here) pulling a trailer (or in the trunk) with a backpack sprayer i take the tag number down .then when i get enough of them i call the local pesticide inspector 1 and let him have em.
  6. WJW Lawn

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    Because why? An ulettered truck means they're illegal?? Man I don't get it... I only wish I had the time some of you guys have...lol Are you in Lawn Care or are you a Private Eye??? Do you get T.C. to fly in and spy on unlettered vehicles...lol :dizzy:
  7. bigjeeping

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    The other day some guy goes flying by in his truck and trailer and has the guts to yell "get to work boys!"

    Why are some LCO's ********? I have no idea. Maybe the sight of all my beautiful lawns drives them insane.
  8. WJW Lawn

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    Im with you...I dont get it...makes us all look 13.
  9. BBN

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    :laugh:Guess I need to break out the kid's crayons and letter my truck to prevent getting busted for doing something I'm doing perfectly legal.

    I don't understand the cutthroat mentality. I understand competition but not ruining a person and taking food from their kids. IMo, the best way to conduct your business is to mind your own and if someone mouth's off just wave and let them pass by. The last thing I would ever want to get dragged into a deep, deep mess because I was the whistle blower.
  10. SodKing

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    I still can't figure out what the original post was about and how did topsites whoop anyone...

    Who knows....

    who cares....

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