Who's dealing with water restrictions?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Aug 4, 2002.

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    How many of you are dealing with drought conditions that have led to water restrictions? How many of you have dealt with restrictions in the past? What types of restrictions have been imposed? How have you dealt with it? How did it affect your business? How strictly enforced are the rules?

    We are in the middle of restrictions for the first time. Odd #s - Tus, Thurs, Sat. Even #s - Sun, Tues, Fri. No watering Monday for anybody. Only during hours of 7:00 pm to 9:00am.

    Our utilities are owned by the city so city council votes and sets the rules. But then the problem lies with communication and education. There is little education going on to teach homeowners how they should water. They are still trying to keep a lush green lawn in the middle of a drought and breaking the rules whenever possible. Most will water twice on their given days which defeats the purpose of reducing water usage. The majority of our grass here is Kentucky Blue. We are haveing mid-90s and are at 6500-7000 ft elevation. This grass doesn't do well in these conditions. And then I am the bad guy because I can't get their lawns green. Whether it is my system or someone elses.

    City council is thinking of stopping all outdoor watering Oct. 1. This will lead to massive winter kill of the lawns.

    My business is mostly repair and service and the phones have died. Somewhat glad since I am burned out anyway. Now I am looking to focus in other directions.

    My employees were stopped a few weeks ago on a Monday, by a utilities employee that goes around enforcing the rules. Since it was a Monday, he told them no watering. They were running through the system to fix heads, leaks, broken nozzles. Basically make the system better and more efficient. "Sorry no watering for anybody on Monday." Am I supposed to shut down on Monday? How about the hours in the middle of the day of no watering? Am I supposed to work from 7 pm to 9 am? This is the communication problem. We were making the system more efficient. And to top it off, it was for a City owned housing project for low income families.

    Sorry so long winded. Just need to vent.
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    Even though we don't have drought conditions, every summer, where I have my rental unit in the city of Manteca, they go to a odd\even watering restriction.

    It has been a while since it was really enforced, but in my case, the inspector is going to have to come around 4 am in the morning in order to catch my system going. I water every day at that time, whether it's a even or odd day.

    Cheaper to pay the $10 fine than replace the grass on the property.

    Here in the San Francisco area, It's has always been a straight 25% water reduction use during drought conditions. The municipalities never did tell you you could water your grass.
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    Dana- in the same boat as u in the springs. Although, I do not think an October 1 shut down will kill lawns. I've turned many systems off by then with little, if any winter kill affect.

    I've been doing many repairs on , off watering days with no problems........you were just in the wrong place at wrong time. It seems that many homeowners that I run into, that have a poor system is finally starting to realize there system must be improved, which is great for repair guys.

    Hell, I've driven down cascade a few times during the day seeing 10 city employees changing heads in the medians.

    I also run mowing crews, where we have had to cutback to every other week mowing on many lawns.

    My neighbor waters in morning and evening on his day........yet my lawn is better...........
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    I'm sure it was an employee with no clue trying to use his power to tell me no watering. Saw many homes and businesses today (Monday) watering. Wrote down a few addresses and will turn them in.

    The city is replacing ALL rotors in the medians. Most are the old multi-stream Toros. I just replaced 58 of those at that city housing job listed above.

    As for the Oct 1 shut down, normally winter kill would be minimal. But the lawns are sstressed already and if we have another dry winter, it could hurt more than usual.

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