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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Two Rivers, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. cpllawncare

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    I recently purchased a 2011 GS and am very pleased, it is my first commercial grade mower so I'm learning all the ins and outs. Hills are definitly a new thing with this mower, I've almost turned it over a couple of times, but that was due to operater stupidity more than anything LOL
  2. crhoades68

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    I purchased a 52 V-ride for this season to help with my back. I have found that I can last longer by using both. I love the nimbleness, lighter weight and the cut. If not contending with trees I can use it almost anywhere (don't have many hills). The only place I won't use it is on some rougher properties. On those it seems as if I'm pitching and bouncing. It felt like I was skiing (read very tired after an acre). I will also say I find myself trying it in areas where I have always used a push mower. The 52" can be a bit wide but it sure saves time and looks good (if not making too many turns in small areas).

    I haven't tried other brands because I started with Scag and haven't had a reason to look elsewhere. I'm always interested in what others paid. I didn't have any luck getting the price down because the local dealer can't keep them in stock. I paid around $7,500.
  3. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    Ok guys i have had my Vantage stander for one week, tomorrow. And I like it and dislike it.

    First off im renting to buy it.
    Its stripes and cuts well.
    Better on my legs than my older JD 667 (suspension)
    Great because it counts as a Walk behind AND a rider
    The biggest they make is a 52" but its not bad for resis or commercial. Only one extra pass on resis. But its small enough to get into all my small yards/fences

    It doesnt have anti scalp rollers so you gotta watch what you cut. I have already almost flipped it about 10 times... On my JD i can ride the mower up my trailer ramp but on this i have to walk it up. So im actually glad exmark made it so you could pull up the platform and walk behind it.

    All around pretty good machine. Just takes some time to get used to. Anyone With a stander knows that all of them are different from ZTR's its weird. The controls just take some getting used to. I made crooked lines for 3 days then finally got it to go straight everytime!
  4. cpllawncare

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    LOL! I'm still making crooked lines and I've had my grandstand for about two months now, I'm seriously thinking about tweaking on the hydro's a lil to try to straighten it out a lil, it doesn't even go straight on flat level ground?
  5. BestImpressions99

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    cuttin - that's what my Exmark dealer told me as the main reason they're not carrying the Vantage the next year. To me there is an actual difference between the design of the GrandStand and the Vantage. Same company or not you can't have this many people with Vantages having problems with balance and the same amount of people with GS's not having issues.
  6. LawnGuy73

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    All Wright Standers here, it is all we have run for the last 10 years....:usflag:
  7. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    Mine goes straight i just had to get used to them...
    If t was me i wouldnt tweak the hydros. First i would try to just play with it.
  8. Promise-Land

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    I have 6 hours on my Grandstand, 2011 24/52", and have never used a hydrostatic mower of any type before this. I will say after the first couple of hours I was used to the controls and was able to lay some pretty straight lines. I feel with at least 50% forward motion the machine is most responsive and easiest to control (straight lines). For me, I had to relax a little on the mower, when tense on the controls or in the body and legs it felt like I was fighting with the machine. Once I began to relax the grandstand really felt much more controlled and smooth.

    I am really enjoying this machine so far. The cut is amazing with the Turbo Force deck. I am 6'1" 250lbs :weightlifter: and the balance has not been an issue.

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