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Who's in Central Va. Area ??


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Hello Everyone;

I'm new in this business, and this is my very first "thread". I was just wondering how many of you are in the central Virginia area?
I'm very impressed with the professionalism and support in this forum. This forum provides very good info to many people to help better this industry. A price cannot be put on the combined experience posted on this site. My "hats off" to all the people who created this forum.
-Billy, Altavista Lawn Care

teddy bear

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Midlothian Va
Altalawn care i'm in richmond and i'm like you this is also my first year doing lawnservice. Just received my license in mailyesterday and I'm now in the process of getting insurance and equipment. Give me an email so we can compare notes and help each other out


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Welcome. We're in the Richmond area also.


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Thanks for the replies,
I am located a few miles south of Lynchburg, about 2 hours from Richmond.
Everyone in this area is welcome to email me to compare "local notes".
-Thanks again.

Im in williamsburg va just met with accountant to day to set the business up,email me with any thoughts.


Hey if any of yall in VA are looking for equipement let me know right now am trying to move a 32inch toro with a bagger plus other various stuff i can save you some $!!!


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currently I am in Bluefield, WV. But I grew up in madison, Co VA. Just north of charlotsville. I operated in Blacksburg for a while but the market there was satuarated with companies so I headed to the mountains.