who's makin a mint in renovations?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bobbygedd, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. bobbygedd

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    the calls keep comming, the calculator is getting tired. after the worst summer that i can remember, 9 out of 10 lawns here, are schnockered. yup, they need everything from nutsedge treatments, extra weed treatments, to full kill and renovations. god bless america! i'll make more in sept/oct, than most people make in a year. anyone else getting tons of renovation work?
  2. 6'7 330

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    Booked up tighter then a asian chick.Sod,seed,complete renovations,the whole fall is booked solid.We are going to hire some more worker's,for the extra load.
  3. bobbygedd

    bobbygedd LawnSite Fanatic
    from NJ
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    by the way, the university called, they want hair and nail samples, they are certain you are the missing link
  4. SOMM

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    if your customers are falling asleep while irrgating, Bobby -inviting water-weeds- time to overseed to overcome.

    'else you're just treating symptoms instead of the root cause- sparse turf that needs density.

    forget the weed treatments unless on bermudagrass or zoy.
    go for the aeration, dethatcher/slicer and good tri-culture seed and fertilizer bigtime. you'll be thick in 2 weeks there!

    good luck this fall, mano!
  5. edcolo

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    Hey, Bobby!

    I've been in biz for 5 years here in Jersey, I tell you I never seen anything like it when it come to the damage done by this summer.

    What is your more common proble out there? Is it grub, fungi or just regular drought damage?

    Terra Landscaping
    Morris County
  6. DLS1

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    Maybe that will make up for the lost revenue during the drought.

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