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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by shelbymustang616, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Went to a landscape seminar at a local college and they had different workshops to go check out. One of them was social networking. It was very interesting and seemed like it could have great business potential. Who is on it and have you has success?
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    There was a recent thread on this subject if you do a search. Too much relationship overload for me, I canceled my account not too long ago. I opened a business page on Google plus, could not be happier. Google+ has not taken off yet but if it does it could become very relevant if you want to be found in searches.
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  4. Dr.NewEarth

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    I have ads on fb as well as eight business pages using different variations of the company name and/or top phrases used in regional searches on line. I also have google ads and other ads on line. MySpace too. I did alot of research into this. I use hot trending local topics in my blog....

    My websites have up to date statistics that tell me where the clicks to the websites originate. FB comes up alot, so does google. It also tells me the search engines...

    The facebook ads tie in with either the fb pages that I have for the company or with the websites or the company blog. I monitor it every few hours and tweek it continually

    It has been quite expensive. I find that I have been getting hundred of looky loos every week, but very few phone calls. When people call they are asked where they saw our ad.

    I don't have the answers to this. It could be the recession that is still scaring people. Or it could be there are alot of bored people that just click things for the heck of it. It would be nice if I could get e-mail addresses from all of the isp addresses that visit my sites.
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  5. Mahoney3223

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    Yep same here. I advertise on Google Adwords, my company is the first in the local section if you search anything lawn care related in my town. I also have FB ads out. It gets me a lot of "likes" on my page but few phone calls. It does, however, build great brand awareness. I find that is worth the price right there. I realized Facebook advertising probably isn't going to get the response that flyers or direct mail or word of mouth does for me but if they are used to seeing me on Facebook and they see one of my other forms they are more likely to buy. Hit em with the 7 ways of marketing i was always taught. Repetition repetition repetition
  6. White Gardens

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    My thoughts exactly.

    Facebook has been a great resource also as my on-line portfolio. When I carry around my photo book, it's limited in what I can show. With FB, I have one photo album, on one property alone with 100 photos. Really points out all the details that go into projects.

    My Facebook page link is in my sig. Right now I've got my graphics guy making some better images for the new Time-line layout. Might be done by Sun. (4th) in the evening sometime.

  7. RLS24

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    I started one for my business a couple months ago. So far it has been a great success. I put in my spring mailers to customers that we are on Facebook and how to find us and have had a lot of "likes" from customers since then. Just one word of advice: if you have a personal facebook as well, do not tie yourself into your business one. Don't like it, list it as a place that you work, etc. You don't need your customers finding your personal facebook page and seeing pictures of you drunk at the bar from last weekend or the new Harley that you just bought with their money...

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