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    Measurement assistant!
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  2. Efficiency

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  3. Scott@CPS

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    So your trucks can handle 57-64 yards per day each?
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  4. Skipster

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    What do you consider to be a "starter"?

    Is it "high N" products that are the problem or is it the overall N rate? You can get the same N rate from a 46-0-0 urea that you can get from a 6-2-0 milorganite.

    Why do you think that applying a "starter" will do what you're claiming here?
  5. ETM

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    Ive heard of 66 here in my area everyday for 3months straight. I say BS
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  6. Efficiency

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    who wants to meet with their clients? Thats for the birds. Big businesses let their field employees be their faces. I'd rather not know my clients.
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  7. Cadzilla

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    That would be getting the entire route done every 8 production days. lol

    You need a new calculator.

    20 stops a day you can get that done in 22 days or four weeks no weekends.

    Easily accomplished.

    500 a man per route is about it though given a five to six week rotation.

    Depends on how many rounds you run.

    I run a six app program with 430 accounts currently.
  8. group501

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    We don't post anywhere near the numbers you claim to close. We have been averaging about 30-40 per week and are on our way to about 300 sales. I look back on the days where I was a one man show and knew all of my customers. Rarely did I ever have a cancellation in those days. Now, I still try and associate a person to the service and have some type of interaction with my clients. It is much easier for a customer to cancel a company than a relationship.
  9. rcreech

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    When customers call we measure the lawns right on the phone. Most customer go with us and we don't even have to drive there.

    We have been doing this now for 4-5 years and there is very little cost in the customer.

    We still have customers that want to meet with us and we will then get enough and create a route and meet with them within 2-3 days.

    Selling over the phone is a no brainer!
  10. rcreech

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    Great question Skipster!

    Per definition of a starter...a starter fertilizer fertilizer is an analysis or 1:1:1 or 1:2:1.

    When lawns have heavy shade you want to stay away from high N ferts and go with a "starter fert" so you don't push upper growth. I am more interested in good root growth then upper growth and we get great results.

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