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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Efficiency, Mar 31, 2014.

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    We actually broke our Friday record today. We picked up 43 new customers.
    For some reason all marketing techniques are working this year.
    We do radio, tv and mailers. When used in conjuction with each other the results are very good.

    Radio and mailers are kicking butt this year!

    Don't let my number fool you though. We need great results as we have spend A TON of money to get these calls. We also have four people in the office taking calls, measuring lawns and taking calls.

    If you are small and get 5-10 calls a day you are doing just as good as me in the long run.

    When you have high markeing costs and lots of trucks and employees...our numbers are gonna be higher.

    Its all relevant!

    But I still love it and am proud that this many customers trust us and are allowing us to work for them. Its pretty SWEET!

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    400 divided by 7 is 57.

    I guess im assuming all accounts are weekly. That must not,be the case.
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    I know this is a small part of this thread, but here goes.

    Turf builder = 2-1-2
    Growth = 4-1-2 or 4-0-1
    Shade = 1-2-4
    Stress relief = 0-2-4
    Starter = 1-2-1

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    These guys are talking fertilization & weed control with some grub & insect applications mixed in. Between 4 to 6 applications a year is normal depending where you are in the country.
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    I suppose when you get bigger this is the way things must go.
    I have such good relationships with nearly all my customers, that I don't think I ever want to get so big that my customer's only see my employees and never talk to me. I am the face of my business not my min wage guys.
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    I'm intrigued by this response.

    By applying at P2O5 at 1x to 2x the amount of N, are you suggesting that plants in shaded areas are experiencing P deficiency, which would necessitate the heavier P applications?

    What rate are you using for these applications?

    What is the driver of reduced plant performance in shaded lawns?
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    rcreech is killing it. And I know for a fact he is actually real. This guys business model is great. He has helped me out a lot. Lots of fakes on here and people saying they are some huge company…. for some reason, but screech is the real deal when this guy talks, listen. congrats again continue killing it
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    I'm glad ur intrigued!!!!

    In no way am I saying there are deficiencies in shaded lawn. I will repeat myself again and say I am putting on a well balanced diet on the lawn and low N so the lawn doesn't grow and deplete itself.

    We also use "starter" on diseases lawns as Ohio State had shown just as good results as using fungicides.

    Does that's mean there is a P defeciency? Nope
    But the plant responds well to it!

    Note: 2.7- 3 lbs per k

    I have only been doing this for 9 years.

    Oh yeah..

    The answer to your last question...what is the driver of less performance in a shaded lawn?

    It's called sunlight or lack of photosynthesis!
    Did u really have to ask that question?


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    Appreciate you kind comments. As always PM me anytime buddy! It's always good to talk to ya!
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