Whos the guy that has that freightliner setup??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rivervalleylawns, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I currently just bought in to a nursery and already have my landscape and maintenance company built up pretty well. I was trying to show my girlfriend the guy that has that white freightline (mini big rig) with the huge flatbed with tractors and mowers on it. His default pic has all that and its on a pasture or something. It would be really nice if you guys could let me know his name. I always see him on posts but could not find anything with him on it. I have the Kubota 35hp front loader (putting a backhoe on it next season) and was looking at trucks that could easily tow it. Thanks
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  3. Rivervalleylawns

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    bump i know you guys know who im talking about. I would say he has one of the nicest rigs on here.
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    Look at this thread. He has some liners in there but they are black and BADAZZ!
    Equipment photos -Jason
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    Get the Freightliner Cascadia

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    Theres a guy around here that uses a new freightliner FL70 with a huge flatbed as his mowing rig, and all he carries is one turf tracer!!! It looks funny with that big of a truck hauling one mower!! I kinda like the FL50, it has the CAT engine, allison auto, and 19.5" wheels and tires. and they are really not that expensive, much cheaper than any one ton truck? The big plus is the engine will get near 500,000 miles before any major engine work is needed, just like a big rig. If properly cared for one could last a lifetime as a mowing rig. The FL50 will more than likely be my next rig. the only drawback is no 4x4 available, but with that big of a truck, I dont think youd even need it?
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    Hecho in Mexico. Buy American if you can.
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    freightliner is american...right?

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