Who's used the new 36R from Lt rich?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by stuntmanlogan, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. stuntmanlogan

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    This week I will be ordering a new Z spray. I am having a tough time deciding on what model to go with. The new 36 R seems to be a very nice smaller unit. The only concern I have with it is its running off a 9 hp motor. Where the 36 and intermediate are running off 16 hp motors. So I am wondering if anyone has had a chance to run the new 36 R and see how much power that 9 hp motor has? Its a fairly new product from Lt. My choices are down to the 36 R or a intermediate model. I just figured the 36 R can fit into a lot of tight spaces vs intermediate, with the additional feature of fitting in back yards.

  2. Turf Logic

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    I would like to hear the results from this as well.
  3. Cadzilla

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    It's so new I'm not sure anyone has had a chance to use one, for any length of time anyhow. Ask LTR for a referral of someone who has bought one.

    I can tell you this much. If LTR didn't think and or hadn't proved the motor has enough go, it would have a bigger motor.

    Buy it. More importantly, Order it. The longer you wait.....the longer you'll wait. Spring has a wait time.
  4. jkranium

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    I have one that I purchased last spring. Overall it is a good unit. Does surprisingly well on hills when it is fully loaded but you do have to watch it as it will have a tendency to pop wheelies if the applicator is on it and isn't paying attention. The motor normally has enough guts but if you are going straight up hill fully loaded you will have to hop off of the unit. The only problem we had is that it burns through spark plugs. we have used 3 with only a 125 hours on it. I think it is just a problem with our particular engine though.
  5. Cadzilla

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    Jets could need adjusted. It's running too fat.

    You've had a 36R since last spring? The rackable unit?
  6. m-elandscaping

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    Just took in our new 36R last month. Dont have much ride time on it but seems to be a very nice machine. We added a flag holder to it and a way to chain up the rear platform to walk behind. The only thing I dont seem to like about it is there is no way to tell how many gallons you used on certain jobs. The fuel gauge that shows how full the tank is has no connection with how many gallons are in it. Cant wait to get some hrs on it!

    junior 36R (400x300).jpg
  7. jkranium

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    Yeah I suppose that's probably it. Lt rich sent us a new carb because the first one that came with the unit Had a slight fuel leak. Yes, we have had it since last spring. They built a few units for people to use and provide feedback on. It's not perfect, but it is pretty damn good and the weed control is awesome. Not knowing how much weed control is in the tank is a pain. We just either ran it dry or used a five gallon bucket to add material.
  8. KS_Grasscutter

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    Why not get a regular Jr 36? Will get you through gates and will have the bigger engine.
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  9. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    They built the 36R so you could put on a rack, instead of having to trailer. Hence the 36R.
  10. Cadzilla

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    Plus it has a much lower center of gravity.

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