Who's used the new 36R from Lt rich?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by stuntmanlogan, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. KS_Grasscutter

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    I understand that. But the original poster was asking about the 36r or the Intermediate (which obviously is not rackable). I was just curious why the regular 36 wasn't an option for him, as that is the machine I would like to purchase within the next year or so.
  2. Turf Logic

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    I ordered a 36 r this morning. It wont ship until march 13.
  3. Nitroman

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    from indiana
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    I just took both the 36R and regular Junior 36 for test spins and I have to say the 36R you are gambling with. I nice machine but not over the Junior 36. Your giving up a two piston motor for a single piston, hose real, fert. trays, smaller casters and wheals.

    The 36R just appealed to me for a hitch mounted rack. But I think with a double hitch and third welded arm to truck frame you are probably ok with the regular 36. Or just keep it on a trailer.
  4. stuntmanlogan

    stuntmanlogan LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well guys I ended up ordering the junior 36 over the 36R. There was a few things that helped me make up my mind. The hose reel was a big one as well at the boom. My rep told me with the boom you're going to have better coverage. Its suppose to be here early March. Hopefully it works out. Either way its better than walking every property.
  5. Cadzilla

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    Thats a little harsh. It's a small purpose built machine for guys who need a mini. They have machines in every size for every need.

    You can't go 200 MPH in a Ford Fusion either but that doesn't mean it's not a good car or doesn't serve it's purpose.
  6. all ferris

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    I have a z spray "mini max". It was a prototype machine and never went into production. Anyway, it is a smaller machine and only has a 9hp briggs on it but it has plenty of power. My buddy used it when his junior 36 was down and he said he preferred the mini max over his junior. I think the only thing that would prevent me from buying the 36r is that it doesn't have the locking caster system. once you get used to the locking casters it would be hard to go with out them.
  7. Cadzilla

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    Awesome. The one thing that I notice right away when riding anything accept a Z-Max is theres nothing to hold the driver in the cockpit as it were. On the Max I enjoy the protection and ability to "lean" into the tanks when making a fast turn or whatever. Its safe. On hills I sometimes am sitting on one of the side tanks for all intents and purposes.

    On the smaller ones I feel Naked! They need some padded deals to offer side stability.

    I know you guys have to know what I mean. When you turn you have to hold on pretty good and on the juniors the tanks aren't sturdy enough for lean too's.
  8. KS_Grasscutter

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    What did you have to give for it?
  9. Landgreen

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    Anyone care to share their experiences with this machine? How does the stability compare to the junior36? Did you solve the problem of measuring whats in the tank?

    Thanks for any response. Looking for a rackable unit and would like to get a z since I already own a junior 36.
  10. Efficiency

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    from zone 6
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    Chris, Shane is supposed to bring one by our place to test out. We want to get 3 of these over the winter. Ill let you know how it compares to our jr36s we have now

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