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Who's using double sided Shindaiwa HT?


LawnSite Platinum Member
Central Florida
I have put off buying a new hedge trimmer mainly because the local dealers don't stock Shindaiwa hedge trimmers. I was at a dealer out of town about a year and half ago. I picked up a Shindaiwa, what I thought was a DH230-24 double sided and they felt pretty comfortable to me. I noticed, however, they say they are like 13 pounds. They didn't feel that heavy. It's got me thinking I picked up the "Homepro" model. I was sure it was the DH230 though. The ones I picked up didn't feel a whole lot heavier than the old Echo 1500's we had. What's the deal? Are they that heavy and just well balanced? Or is the the 13 lbs BS :) I know someone reading this has one, whatya think of em.


LawnSite Member
Lancaster, NY
I have a dh230 w/30" blade dry wt. is 12.8lbs.

It seems to be well balanced. I wanted the 24" but dealer was out and I needed one ASAP. Dealer took $20 off his normal discounted price for me.

They do get heavy after a few hours of use. I now wear a brace on my wrist when hedge trimming. I would suggest the same for everyone else to prevent problems instead of fixing your wrist like I had to do.

Kawasaki has a lighter hedge trimmer but I have seen no dealers, just saw them at a show.