Who's using my forms or variations of them?


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Bellbrook, OH
I posted a residential lawn maintenance agreement that has been downloaded over 270 times. I also have sent documents to lawnsite users who have PM'ed me and requested certain things. What I would like to know is - those who I have sent forms to and those that have downloaded the agreement - what do you guys think of them and how are they working out for you?


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I took a look at it, but don't use it. My first impression from just seeing it without reading it, is that it is friendly. No small print or intimidating fonts. It is also one page. I couldn't see leaving an invoice each cut. Man that has got to be a lot more work. I'm not sure how you could keep track of receiving payments for those invoices within 30 days without a computer program either. Overall I think that you should be able to get customers to sign.


Yardley, PA.
I just looked at it now for first time. It's ok. Besides making some changes to the terms (like the weekly billing, and 30 days), I would change some of the wording too.

But it's a good starting point for someone. I don't use one at this time.
But I might play around with it and see if I can word it more to my liking.

Thanks for sharing it.