Who's your point of contact? The husband or the wife?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOOLIE, Jun 14, 2009.


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    Interesting, I was looking over my customer base and about 65% of the time, I'm dealing with the lady of the house vs. the man. Then I went back and checked out cancellations over the past few years and it's the opposite...when the husband is the 'customer' it seems like they cancel service more than if the wife is the 'customer'

    I tend to think, the wife has less interest in how the lawn actually looks. They just want their husband out on the weekend working on the lawn, when she could be dragging him off to Bed, Bath and Beyond :laugh: Or maybe there's some other explanation.

    Anybody else with similar numbers?
  2. topsites

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    I never looked into this specifically but I have found similar oddities in terms of percentages,
    not so much husband and wife stuff but other things, there does appear to be something to it
    seeing how we know the numbers don't lie, still I wouldn't count on it being set in concrete.

    Peace out
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    The majority of my customers were residential. I dealt with the wives almost exclusively and on my commercial accounts I dealt mainly with female managers.
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    A lady's man huh........
  5. greenred

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  6. Richard Martin

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    My non business owning customers are female a huge percetage of the time. The business owning customers tend to be men about 90% of the time. I have quite a few of those. Strangely enough it worked out this way in MD too. My buddy that lives in MD has hardly any business owning customers and most of his are women.

    It's strange how some people gravitate towards certain classes of people.
  7. flyboy

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    I think if you have a lot of residentials that you are going to be dealing with the lady of the house more often because the man is out working (old stereotype I know). I deal with ladies a lot more than men. The pay is the same, but those fringe benefits...........:weightlifter:

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    I picked up a new trimming customer this spring. She and her husband both are professor's at our local university. After finding out that they are biology and science teachers, I quickly became close to their knowledge. Anyway, the wife is the one who called up for her shrubbery and fert work. The first phase of their large job was done first.......of course, and when I submitted a bill her husband's name was first in the phone book. When she recieved the bill, the check was paid by her and a little note was attached to the check......................... It said--" Mr. Thompson, I am the one whom called for your recommended services by our Surgeon friends, so please on phase 2 to invoice the cost out in my name....ONLY!" After phase 2 was complete, I humbly told her that it wasn't an idea of who was in charge, it was merely a professional thing of getting the name from the phone book. She laughed and said, " Her husband only teaches marine biology and I teach hort. related biology". "This lawn and shrubbery belongs to me.................he doesn't care about the lawn..!!!" Point taken--butt chewing accepted!
    So, usually we deal with the person who calls us. Whether it be male or female, whomever writes out the check is who we talk to. Most of the time it is the wife that we inform on things. It is not a sexist world anymore.....women have significant power of purchase and contract. When it comes to major work and contracts are conserned, both signatures are required on the bottom lines.........if it applies!

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    i deal with the wives most of ther time as well
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    The best is the husband books service. You call and ask for him and he's not there. The wife asks who's calling and tells you sternly that you can deal with her.....

    Then you explain the whole situation to only have her tell you......let me have my husband call you back....... WHAT!!!!


    The wife calls you and the husband is in the back yelling trying to tell her what to tell you or ask you. JUST PUT HIM ON THE DAMN PHONE!!!

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