Whose at fault? No brainer?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Carolina Cuts, May 5, 2008.

  1. Carolina Cuts

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    So I repaired and replaced 75' of pvc and heads that run along side of an asphalt driveway (commercial area) the irrigation is for the the flower beds next to the asphalt driveway. Neglected for years, flowers never lasted, shrubs always died. BIG pat on the back for fixing the problem Yay! Me! Whatever....
    This was done a month ago. Last week, HOA decided to add a curb between the asphalt and the flower bed. Saturday I get a call that the irrigation pump are running every 15 seconds... "I thought you fixed the irrigation???"
    I did.
    I show up this morning and sure enough, the guys who prepared and layed the forms for the concrete curbing pounded their stakes (20+) along the asphalt and into the pvc line.... wood forms and stakes with a TON of overspill concrete in the flower beds.... water everywhere because they pierced the pvc lines.

    I repaired one section and another and then realized they must've busted the pipe many times.... so I'm sick of diggin' concrete overspill up and drive over to the concrete guys (same ones in a different location) and explain they need to get their forms and overspill up and out of those beds so I can repair what thye did wrong.... just like that too. They claim they're not responsible for any irrigation lines along the driveway. Shovel in hand, I explain they WILL be getting a bill for the repairs. They never came back to move the forms and concrete over spill.

    Now, these guys ARE responsible right?
  2. Wet_Boots

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    You break it you bought it - Bill whoever authorized the work that damaged the sprinkler system - dun them until it hurts.
  3. nylan8888

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    Are you just the contractor hired to repair the irrigation or is this your own HOA?
  4. Carolina Cuts

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    I maintain the property and irrigation, pine straw, etc... general one year contract. Repaired/replaced over 1000 heads at this particular property. We found heads buried under 12" of pine straw... neglected for years... major 'fix it'....
  5. Carolina Cuts

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    I ended up meeting with a guy named Pete.... he was the main man that was running the asphalt job (extended the driveways- wider) Pete sub'd the curblines out to someone else.... Pete claimed HE isn't responsible for the breaks... and that the curb guys were responsible and that it really wasn't their fault cause' they didn't know the irrigation was there. (Guessing they didn't see 7 heads sticking up 4 inches out of ground one foot from where they put stakes)
  6. nylan8888

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    I would go to the property manager with a work order explain the situation and if they want you to repair it they need to sign the work order saying so. Let them fight it out with the concrete company.
  7. AI Inc

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    And there is your answer. Remeber to tell him "we do not get involved in any third party billing"
  8. EagleLandscape

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    You need to bill the people that called you in for the service call. Bill them, they can bill the concrete guys if they want to. The customer called you, so bill them. DUH
  9. nylan8888

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    DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH OUT GETTING IT IN WRITING FIRST! You don't want to be involved in the 3-way pissing match that will probably develop. If you just asume they want it repaired you might not get paid because the concrete company may want to take pictures for insurance purposes or send over thier own people or whatever. Your goal should be to repair the system at the request of the property manager and get paid. PERIOD!
  10. Mike Leary

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    Why in the name of brass nozzles, don't they call us first, let us know the scope-
    of-work and area? Sure be simple then, in my dreams. Bill the client, no one else.

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