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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by vadeere, Apr 8, 2005.

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    Today we were planting 7 gallon cypresses, 23 of them to be exact with tractor auger. Miss Utility marked all the lines. On the eighth hole I hit a sewage transfer box 5inches below grade. Homeowner offered to pay the $1350 billI want to do whats fair for both of us. What should I do. Homeowner says it isnt my fault and he had no idea the box was there. ;)
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    I am always wary of some of the guys who take calls for Miss Utility here in WV..lol..You really don't have anything to worry about, neither of you knew it was there, and since it's a septic transfer, I'm assuming it's a private transfer for the residence, not adjoining homes. If they offered to pay, let them.they will probably be able to turn it over to home owner's insurance.Give a little "freebie" at the end of the job, (like some free annual color or mulch,) if you feel you need to do something
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    Was there any discussion about undergound lines that weren't miss utilities responsibility? LOL...This is the homeowners fault for not informing you of anything you might hit in the planting area cuz I'm sure he picked out the spots....But if this kind of job is done by you again I feel it's only professional to find out whats under ground and ask potential clients if they have any idea or if they will find out from the county where the sewer or septic lines are.I know our utility marks only power and telephone not water or sewer or septic.

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