Whose thinking fall 2013?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by wilsonsground, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. RSK Property Maintenance

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    Virginia isn't that far away, not sure what my dads current status is with his dump truck except I drove it today and it runs like a top. with 70,000 miles on it. It's good on fuel for what it is. It doesn't do any worse then my 7.3 auto 4x4 with 4.10's and considering it weighs over double the weight I would say that's pretty good. I really don't need the leaf loader, I may sell it this year, since I have the bagger and that really works great for me.
  2. caseysmowing

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    I looked up fuso dumps in CT. Wow y'all have piles of cabovers for such a small state. I think I found your dads is it a 2004 70k 6cyl $23,000? If so its more than what I'm wanting to spend. Trying to stay under 10k.
  3. RSK Property Maintenance

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    yah sounds like it could be, he's negetioable, but not that much. my buddy has one he's looking to sell. pm your number and I'll have him call you.
  4. HPSInc

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    ive already got leaves on the brain. running two trucks this year. first truck towing my scags and the second truck will be towing my 7 x 12 dump trailer with lesco 18hp leaf loader. going to drop a good thousand flyers out too. have plenty of work with commercial and repeat residential but want to make every last penny I can and put in the extra hours before snow flies so we'll see how it goes.
  5. BlackCloudDiesel

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    Tarco leaf loader, on Sterling dump truck. They work well together. Vacuum has tons of power, sucks up sticks, pine cones, grass, wet leaves, pumpkins, perennials or whatever you can feed it. Truck holds about 20-22yds of "leaf vac waste"

    Box sides on "topper" look wrinkled in this picture. But if you see it in person, it doesn't have wrinkles like in the picture. I guess its just what I get for using a flip phone camera. :hammerhead:

  6. wilsonsground

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    That's one way to do clean ups. Suck piles all day and only empty at the end of the day. Perfect. I'm starting to think ahead to winter too. I need to buy a plow for the new truck.
  7. LandFakers

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    Suck em up. Little dollar bills all over the ground, I can't wait.
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I love to think Fall! Seed work, aerations, etc. Cooler weather is the main thing, man is that invigorating!
  9. RSK Property Maintenance

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    little update for you incase you were wondering. I put the bagger on october 1st and did all my accounts last week, and three of them didn't need to have the bags dumped in the truck. the other 20 or 21 did, and I was able to dump the bags from the bagger in the dump trailer and put the mower in as well and shut the doors no issues...had I not built the sides I did it wouldn't have worked, so for now I'm good to go! also last week I had probably 60/40 mix with the 60% being grass clippings and 40% being leaves. I think having the gator g6 blades on makes a big difference.

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