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Whta do you want from your dealer?


LawnSite Senior Member
Southwest VA
I want in-stock common parts (like belts, filters, and such), nice people, and quality products. I've about got a dealer like that. Way to go Jimmy and Harold!!! :cool:


LawnSite Senior Member
Honesty and Friendly; Demos; Product knowledge; Stop trying to sell me what you have on the floor just to move it, when you know it is not the best choice for me; Learn to really listen to my needs (my wife uses that one, too)


LawnSite Senior Member
Same as above plus stand behind what you sell be willing to loan demos when repairs take to long. No price gouging like one dealer in my area. Just be honest sell them what they want as most of us have done extensive homework on the product before we ever come in to make a deal.


LawnSite Platinum Member
A service department for commercial lawn cutters, parts-in-stock, Saturday hours, loaner equipment, honest answers, and the daughter from Charles's post.


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Central Florida
If I have dealt with you for a while....I want a discount. Even 10% will do most of the time. It makes it look as if you appreciate the business.

When I buy a mower, and I return a month later for blades, I want you to say "hey Keith" not "uhh, did you buy that mower here?"

If my mower or any equipment is sitting in your shop for more than three days, Offer a loaner!

Charles, how old is she? If over 18, do you have any naked pictures of her? :D

A friend emailed me a picture the other day of a Dixie Chopper and a chick. It would be inappropriate for me to post it here though.

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North of Seattle
I am amazed at the number of sales 'professionals' who don't have a clue. Half the time I know more about their products than they do--thanks to you all here at LawnSite. I can bargain for price because I'm not shy about telling them what I want and why, but I'm consistently shocked at how many of them know only the list price of their equipment and know nothing about specifications or new developments.

I've quit going to big box hardware stores and asking a clerk for information about products because invariably they take the can of paint or whatever I'm looking at and read the label to me! I've experienced the same thing with mower salesmen and their brochures. Excuse me, I can read just fine; I want you to tell me something I don't know! This even happens with the owner sometimes, but at least he can quote me a definite price.


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South East
Keith and Bob, she is petite, brunette 30ish and wears these short shorts to accentuate her great figure and beautiful smile. She puts her hand on you when she is selling you a tractor that you then have to buy lol. But she is married so I just have to lust from afar.