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Whuts rong with my grass?


Millenium Member
I really would like to have a nice, professional looking lawn. I have a problem with my grass and need help. Could anyone tell me what the problem is and what would you do to fix it?





LawnSite Member
Ok, On a more serious note. According to the Horticulture Gardener's Desk Reference you have a Magnesium or Copper deficiencie.


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Originally posted by leeslawncare
Well. tell us kirby? looks to me like a fungus or a insect prob? unless the dawgs are not out ?.what is the soil look like?is the ph right ?what is the climate?
Soil test 3 months ago:

  • pH 5.8
  • P 63
  • K 226
  • Ca 955
  • Mg 338
  • CAE 14.6

Weather has been 40 days without rain (until 2 days ago), soil looks good and dark.


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stanfield nc
Was it possibly fed during august rainfall.
That wood would load it with nitrogen. Then
the drought and there the grass set with
a load of nitrogen and no moisture to process
and use it properly. just a possibility.