Why am I doing lawns so slow please help?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kebrowns, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. kebrowns

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    OK I was told with my equipment I can do up to 20 yards per day. I am solo and do this part time. Today I started doing lawns at 12:15pm. I was done at about 7:30pm. That's about 8hrs. I mowed 4 yards and including one yard fertilize treatment.

    2 yards were about 5ksqft. One of them required an additional fert. treatment. Had many weeds toke me about 30 minutes for that. They both required edging, blowing, and mowing. One of the 5ksqft an additional bush/shrub trimming. Both these houses toke me about 3hrs to do everything.

    1 yard was about 7ksqft. This yard required edging, cut, and trimming, blowing and bushes done. This house toke me about 1:15hr.

    1 yard was about 10ksqft. This yard was fenced at back, had a fairly big fence at back. Also had two sheds at back. Trimmed around fence and sheds, and house, and flower beds. This yard required just a cut trimming, mowing, edging, and blowing. This house toke me about 2:15hrs.

    I also toke about an additional a 30 minutes break.

    Also the other day I pushed my bobcat 36 inch on a little over an acre yard. The grass was high, about 10 inches in about 40% of yard. Didn't have my sulky at the time. It toke me 1:15 hours to cut. Another 12 minutes of trimming around house. Trimmed around two trees. Also had to move a trampoline and mow under it and replace it. Also had to trim a water run off on the front entrance. That took about another 15 minutes to mow/trim. Everything toke me about 2:30min. That all include loading and unloading.
  2. chuacro

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    Yeah I am with you on how to do 20 lawns a day. I max out at about 6 being a solo. I run all commercial equip.
  3. themadcutter

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    Your biggest problem is that people talk a lot of BS about what they do and what others should be doing. In my area we know a guy who mows 20 lawns a day. he has said so many times.

    I drove down a street he was working on where he mows 2 1/4 acre lots and he had just gotten started. I drove back by a little over an hour later and he wasn't in his truck yet.

    Other guys have said the same thing about him. Unless he is teleporting to his accounts and working 10 hours he isn't doing 20 a day unless the rest of them a zero lot lines on the same street.

    How many is a factor of how big and how close. There are way to many variables involved to say 20 accounts is what you should be doing. Get ten small lawns on one street and then see what you are doing. I have 3 I get done in 45 minutes for all three. So I SHOULD be able to do 4 every hour and and get 40 done in 10 hours

    But I don't and I never will.
  4. themadcutter

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    from florida
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    If you toke for 30 minutes then there is your problem.
  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    sound like you must walk to slow not about the numbers of lawns its the numbers you make $$$
    One day of week I mow a lawn takes 7 hrs x 3 guys I make X,XXX.00
  6. White Gardens

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    You can mow 20 yards a day, here's how.

    Buy a 72" ztr, and use it on every lawn including the ones that are only 3k square.

    Don't do anything else, just mow and go.

    Also have at least 10 accounts on the same street.



    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    Is this even a real question????
  8. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I'm not solo only on weekends I'll go solo to visit with some customers The most I do 10 per day be the max these home lawns range from 10k-20k
    today did 4 lawns and thatch a 2 acre baseball field sweep it in the morning
  9. Set Apart Lawn Care

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    Just confirming what has been said, 20 yards a day going solo is unrealistic. As it was said, who cares how many you do, what matters is how much you make.
  10. hi_speedreed

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    This really did make me lol. People do talk a lot of bulls**t. If you tell a story and the first thing a person says is "well, listen to what happened to me" then you know you need to put on some waders.

    First time mows always take me way longer. I put in extra work, get it all right, especially the trimming and then after that I can move at a pretty good clip with the trimmer. That's also why first time mows get charged a little extra. I also have 3 in a row on the same side of the street. I timed myself last week and it took me 78 minutes to trim, mow and blow thats about 26min each. I was happy. If you are happy with your $/hr and your customers are happy with your work, who cares if you get 20 a day or 2 a day? Run your business, know others have to talk BS to make themselves feel superior to their peers.

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