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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Big Hoss, Jul 4, 2005.

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    Wow ! Where to start ? Here goes , I've got a friend who told me if he could get a zero turn he could get some better paying yards . This boggled my mind as why anyone would want one of those things , but I listened to his story . 2 weeks later he asked me to borrow $800 and he would pay me back $1000 . I told him that I did not loan money but asked if he still could get those customers that required a zero turn . He said he thought so and I told him to get an agreement with them and to come and see me . The next time we worked together he had the agreements and showed them to me and asked what was he going to do now . I told him that I believed he should honor the agreements and cut the peoples properties , leaving him standing with his jaw hung open . Told him not to do anything before noon the next morning as I might be needing his help . I called him about 10:30 am real excited and told him to get over to the local Hustler dealer quick as I was having a problem . He showed up and asked what was the problem and I explained to him that I had just bought a zero turn and had no way of getting it home . He sttood by as we were doing the final haggling of how many hats I should receive to consumate the deal and looking at me like i was nuts for wanting another hat when I just bought a zero turn . That done we went outside and the dealer started telling me how to operate this machine and I stopped him and pointed to my friend and told the dealer to tell him how to operate as he would be making the payments which shocked the dealer and my friend . My friend wanted to know "how much extra did he have to pay me a month or could he just cut my grass when needed" . I had no intentions of charging him but when he offered to cut my grass I couldn't pass on that . The first time he cut it he was done 1 3/4 to my old 5 1/2 hrs for everything . He said he was done and I told him no way and checked it out and he had done more than I normally do . Man I was MAD .I could have never done it that fast and it was his first time on it .
    Well I had not spoken to my dad for a few years because of wife number 6 when he showed up at my door wanting to talk . She had found another after he had survived heart attacks , quadruple by-pass , prostrate cancer , emphysema and copd . He had quit his job and withdrew all his retirement instead of taking his pension , in order to pay off thier credit cards . He said he was wrong and what could he do ? I told him that I would buy some commercial equipment and I only wanted the payment for the equipment . I then proceeded to acquire the businees license , insurance , pesticide licenses for the both of us and the pesticide business license . We aren't getting rich but it has kept the wolf away from the door , though he occasionally comes up on the porch . My dad is in better shape and looks forward to going to work and I am learning something everyday about the Green Industry and am really looking forward to making a big splash next year .
    So to answer my question I am here because of other people and out of necessity.

    Big Hoss :waving:
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    Stay dedicated, affordable, and reliable! You'll do wonders! :)

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