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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by pasto_guy, Dec 15, 2007.

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    How do you guys get requested for bids? We have been in business for 7 years and it seems if we get overlooked to place bids. I always hear about it after the fact. I'm in the yellow pages and have several very nice accounts. The other question is how do you guys find out about new construction. I'll see a restaurant being built and guys doing the landscaping, how do they get the job. Same goes for municipalities. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am really trying to grow my business this year and all suggestions would be appreciated. Also I am in my local chamber. Do you guys belong to yours and if so do you get business from it and how. Sorry to ramble on and on but you know how it goes when you get excited about something especially the desire to make more $$$$. Thanks.
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    If you're interested in public work, send a short letter to the purchasing agent and facilities manager/public works director of your local school boards, municipalities, and counties requesting that your company's name be added as a prospective bidder the next time lawn care is put out for public bid. Request a confirmation via email, mail, or by phone.

    Follow up a week or so later with the purchasing agent and ask when the next round of bid proposals for this work will be accepted.

    I get these letters all the time from all sorts of contractors.
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    Keep your ear to the ground.

    Make friends with the local Real Estate companies, watch the newspaper for commercial properties that have recently sold and try to find out whose in charge of the new prop. Don't be afraid to stop and ask other contractors who their working for and try to get a number to drop your name for bid consideration.

    Also if a company changes hands...like our hospital does frequently, go talk to the head of maintenance within the week.

    Also...every place you frequent...when your out eating or shopping...look for and talk to the manager or owner if possible. Ask them about their service.

    Finally, David likes to drop in a tell people "Your landscaping's horrible, here's a bid." It's a little forward, but it gets people thinking about the appearance of thier store. (And David thinks he has to save the whole world from nasty overgrowth. :) )

    Good luck.
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    Make your name known with all the local contractors you can think of or if you know what is being built ask them before its finished. Contractors will send you the design of the building and what the company wants and you submit a bid. But you have to be on the contractors list for them to know to send you one. They don't know your interested unless you tell them. Usually every job they get they have a list of landscape companys that they know want to bid and they will contact them and send them the design of the site and let them look over it and they just send them a bid. If there are 1 or 2 people in your area that do every job don't even bother because they have huge connections.
  5. wbw

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    Subscribe to Dodge Reports. It is as simple as that.
  6. John Zaprala

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    I deal with 4 large builders and few custom home builders, to this day they bid EVERY job even though we get the job most time. Builders are always looking for better deals, service, response time, and results. When I gain a few accounts in a community I usually will ask a customer who is in charge on the HOA of maintenace bids. Most are for 2 or more years, most want a full service company, meaning from mulch, mowing, ponds, fert., snow removal, leaf clean-up, etc. If you can't offer all the services they need, you could always sub out those services, but remember it's your name on the contract if you do that.
    I'm the newest saleman in my company, I'm the only guy without big commercial/builder accounts. I've been askingmyself this same question all year. This year I talked to the local HBA. They had a Christmas event where you brought a unwrapped toy and networked, ate, drank, whatever. I'm standing next to millionaire contractors, I shoot the **** about non-work topics laugh a little, then give em my card and ask for a shot to bid a job.
    We just put in 145 trees in one new development in DEC!!!!! We're doing the model home too. Then we'll get all the starter packages for 74 homes. That one develpoment will gross over $250,000 when all is said and done.
    Someone else already mentioned to talk to ppl you see everyday. Take it a step furthur TALK TO EVERYONE! I found out this year 2 of my customers I've had for 2 years OWN 3 huge office complexes and the other rental properties. We're only 3 crews strong and competing against some much larger companies, but our service is why they go with us.

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