Why are bed edgers pull behind?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by General Landscaping, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. General Landscaping

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    I'm in the planning stages to build a bed edger.

    Everything is manual pull behind....is there a reason not to make one with a single hydro transaxle that you work from behind and just steer and work the hydro lever?
    I'm thinking a tricycle design with the front wheels pulling.

    What HP is considered to be plenty of power for bed edging, concrete curb/paver trenching, and light wire trenching?

    I have not used a bed edger...... so if there is some stupid, obvious reason not to make one self-propel and operate from the rear; take it easy on me.

    On a side note...... I'm not planning on building the actual cutter heads. Is there a company that stands out for good quality bed edger cutters?

    Is there a standard shaft size or drive arrangement? (smooth 3/4" hole & tight nut, 1/4" keyway on 1" shaft, etc)
  2. Jimbo046

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    hey bud I do alittle fabrication as well. I was planning on building one too. I tell you it is not worth the time you will waste. To build it right you will have 40-50% of what you could go to the dealer and by a new for. Some do go forward, i have the pull backwards type made by ez-trench it only has a 6.5 honda the stump cutter type blade has continious cutting teeth a spaced out better than trench master which has a 9hp and a blade that has 2 sides both work good i prefer the ez trench lighter weight. you can buy that unit for 2500.00 or less.
  3. General Landscaping

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    What is the drive setup for the cutter head?
    Shaft size?
    External/internal threads for cutter retention? (end of shaft)
  4. Drew Gemma

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    cost ? thats why they are manual powered

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