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why are Kohlers so cold blooded??


LawnSite Member
central mn
I havent seem one that isnt they seem to always start however it sure takes them awhile sometimes summer or winter. When the temps start to drop sometimes you can crank them over, choke the snot out of it and they will fire and fire until finally it goes then you have to let it run for about 5 minutes (which you should anyways) or it will stall and then you'll have to repeat the process over again.
Kaws and Briggs dont seem to be as bad Im curious to as why Kohler is so sensitive to low temps


LawnSite Silver Member
Mine starts up better in the colder weather, then my generac and Kaw, the kaw is the worst for me. Briggs is pretty good.:)

Larry Davis

LawnSite Member
Franklin, NC
Most recent piece of equipment I have has a Kohler 28 EFI and it never fails to start immediately in hot or cold temperatures. Could be the EFI.


LawnSite Fanatic
I believe it may have to do with the EPA making them run leaner, And Kohler may be running leaner than the rest. You didn't say where you position your throttle control when starting, But I would suggest at-least 1/2 for initial start then run it back when it fires to warm up. Also some command carbs. have a accelerator pump on them, If yours does you may try moving the throttle back and forth full swing a couple of times before starting and check your choke cable adjustment to make sure it's closing all the way.


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Cartersville, GA
I've got a 27 kohler and it starts easily but the 17 kawi has to be choked every time that I start it.


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Pizza Hut
We run 29 DFIs on our scags and we never have to worry about them starting. But when I worked with my friend who has 27 kohlers they sucked starting. Choke full, throttle full.

lawnboy dan

LawnSite Platinum Member
north florida
my 93 koler command is EXTREMLY cold blooded. if it sits for more than a few days unused -it takes an act of congress to get it started. i am a ace mechanic so everything is in order on it including a new coil pac. i carry starting fluid for it in the truck. i almost didnt buy it because the previous owned had let it sit for 6months unused and it took every trick i knew to get it started. yes the choke closes all the way-yes i use 10-30 oil in it. yes the fuel sys is clean and i change the plug at least every season. yes its got good compression. no -its not out of time. it runs flawlessly when it does start. my new toro 2004 starts easy (same motor)


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my kohlers are easy to start. almost never have to use the choke.


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I have both Kohlers and Kawasaki's, I have to choke both 1st cranking of the day. But its about a given that you will have to choke the Kawa everytime even when its a 100 degrees and its been shut off for 15 min.The dealer told me it would be like that when I bought it and he was right. Kohlers seem to be alot better or at least the ones I have are, But I prefer the smoothness of the Kawa power over Kohler


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Tryon NC
restrorob said:
I believe it may have to do with the EPA making them run leaner.........
I would have to say the same. The EPA sets new specs every year and they are leaner than the year before. If the EPA had there way all 2-cycles would be ban and the rest of the engines would run on straight air. You are going to see more and more of this problem in the years to come. I have heard that the next generation EFI engines will have an air temp sensor to help cold weather starting. Just one more sensor to go bad. They may even be a day coming where even gasoline engines have glow plugs to help get them started. I have even seen people use hair dryers to blow hot air into the intake to get an engine started in cold weather. But please NEVER use starting fluid in a small engine. It will kill it.