why are patio home associations a royal PIA


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I talked to my old boss tonight who I worked for about 5 yrs ago and the company I work for now is taking over a huge 120 unit patio home complex of his next month. He cancelled his contract because they have become to difficult to deal with he told me some horror stories about those people bitching about every little thing, getting his ass reamed aswell as his crew, and the residents we constantly getting in the way of the crew to yell at them. I advised my current boss not to bid on this complex because of the type of residents and how they behave. Ive noticed that theses associations are made up the older generation like 65 yrs on up.
why are these people so difficult to deal with??? they are never happy doe anyone else have a hard time with these retiree patio home associations?? :alien:

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try an Eddie Haskel on them. Problems seem to melt away in a sea of cookies, baked breads, and home made quilts.
Experience speaks volumes.:D


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If you can afford to do it, stay away from them. I had one last year and it was the worst account I ever had. The residents were never happy and complained about blades of grass still being around even after blowing the areas off.
Some residents would come out while we were still mowing complaining about the grass on their patios. I would kindly tell them that we are not done yet and we will blow the areas of when we are completely through mowing and trimming.
Most companies only last one season on this property because the residents complain so much and it just isn't worth the hassle.


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I've done alot of these they are awful. You have 100 gripy old customers on one prop. I would stay as far away from themas possible.


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Seniors on a whole are pretty nice to deal with. For some reason in retirement communities they all get together and try to FLEX their power, like ya we know we have no influence over our kids, we don't work, life is boring, sooooo well just make life hell for you. Love seniors as individual customers just not the HOA's.


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Reminds me of the song "too much time on my hands".

These people have nothing better to do with their days. My dad is that age and he will drive to the store because he saw Pringles on sale .

Also, the smaller the property, the easier it is to find faults.

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