why are u asking for advance payment?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Apr 29, 2006.

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    got into it, with a lady about our payment policy. she said, "that's rediculous, why should i pay in advance?" i said, "no, u don't HAVE TO, you can pay, after each service." she says, "when do u come?" i said, "i'm not sure, it's either wed, thurs, or friday." she goes, "well, i don't know if i'll be home!!!." i said, "ok, then, u need to pay in advance." she goes, "no way." i said, "ok, u want credit?" she goes, "yes". i said, "ok, i'll need your name, address, social secuirity number, your mothers maiden name, your most recent employers, your houshold income, and a "clue". we usually ask a question like, "what is your dogs name " and u answer it, to create a password." she stood there, looking into space. i asked her why on earth, i should issue her credit, without this info? u can't apply for a home depot charge card, without it
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    Why would I pay you in advance when you admit you don't know when you will be cutting??? I would find another service provider. Its not like you are the only game in town...:hammerhead:
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    Thats the problem Bob, you can put all these policies in effect that make sense.
    However there are a hundred guys waiting to get on their knees and kiss the shoes of that customer for the privilige of being their lawnboy. If they happen to get paid, thats a bonus to them, at least they got the job.
  4. Bobby; Are you mowing for tennants? I'd demand cash in advance from a tennant on a property.
    I have one guy who's a tennant. I just flat told him "I have trouble collecting from tennants. Are you going to pay me?" He said yeah, that he'd even meet me at the job to pay me. I said no, just pay the monthly bill. I think he's a pilot for DHL.


    BTW it sure sounds tougher to collect in your area. Just from what you have posted before. Good luck with it.
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    Most of our maint. accts. are annual. They are billed during the first of the month for which service is to be received. Those pay month-to-month need to have a deposit on account which we draw off of and refund any unused payments. One-time jobs are payable upon receipt of services.

    Having clear policies assists in business operations. If a client chooses not to play by our rules, they can find someone else to do the job.
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    i never ask for advance payment. i know where these people live, i know their phone number, and i have a lawyer, so i will be able to get them to pay. just me. others only do up-front payment and some do it if they suspect foul play will be involved.
  7. StBalor

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    I ask for a payment in advance yesterday. A lady called asking me to look at her property. When i get there it had not been cut yet this year. and probably not the end of last. So i called her, told her the 1st cut would be double. She said no problem, but she wanted monthly billing and was out of town. I said ma'am, i can't do that, i hope you understand, but it would be awfully hard for me to start working for you on trust, without ever meeting you. I asked if she would be willing to send me a check for the 1st cut? I told her when i recieved the check i would cut the grass and send here a service agreement she could sign and send back to me. Then i would bill her monthly and send bill to the address on the return envelope. She Agreed.
    How would you all of handled this?
  8. mike lane lawn care

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    you did it right. good job
  9. topsites

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    yup, I'm in a similar boat except I have a collection agency and the power to play with their credit records should someone not pay. thou sometimes I get money upfront if it is a trust issue, most of the time I'm not worried about it.
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    You cut grass with a riding lawn mower I can get at Sams Club dude. Give me a break.

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