Why buy Exmark?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnman_scott, Nov 22, 2003.

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    I am looking to buy a new 52 inch ztr sometime in the next few months, and exmark is on my list but i have a few questions about it. Someone posts, "should i buy hustler or dixie, and people say exmark, so i want to know why so loyal. I do plan to demo everything i am considering, which is exmark, bad boy, hustler, encore, yazoo, and lesco. What I am looking for is a FAST mower that is built strong. I deal with leaves very little, we dont stripe down here, so those issues are of no value to me. Dealer support is of very little importance to me, as the place i will buy from is quite far from me, and is the only exmark dealer anywhere close to me other than a place i refuse to deal with. The only repairs i dont do myself are carburater issues, or major internal engine problems, which can be done anywhere once its out of warranty, becuase a carb is a carb, and any mower shop can fix a kohler or kaw engine. One question i have is, how long does it take to get a part if it has to be ordered? And, are there many aftermarked parts available for exmark? With all this taken into consideration, do you think an exmark is for me, and why? And what makes exmark better FOR ME than the others i have mentioned?
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    My suggestion for you is, go over to the Exmark forum and spend some time reading over there while you are waiting on replies to this thread. I think you will learn a lot about 'why'.
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    When I shop for a mower or any piece of equipement, I want to buy value for money and after sales service.

    Of all the mowers you mentioned in your post there is very little difference. They all have 52" deck sizes available ± 5.5" deep, they all use Kawasaki or Kohler engines (if it is anything else - stay away), same hydro pumps and wheel motors on most of them, seats, etc,. etc. Components, speed, etc. might differ from machine to machine because of patents and stuff, but in general there is very little diffrences. All the machines you are looking at are excelllent machines.

    The only one major difference between these machines is how the deck is suspended and in my opinion this is where your quality of cut comes from.

    All these machines have the conventional chain suspended deck with antiscalp rollers. The only mentioned machine that is different is the Encore. It has a tractor type pivoting front axle and a crank and pivot type articulating deck. This in my opinion is a TRUE floating deck. Your front caster wheels is your anti scalp rollers. Whether you mow flat, hill or rough uneven surfaces it's hard to scalp. This machine also has a shaft driven deck which gives you probably the fastest blade tip speed of all.

    Anyhow, I'm not trying to advertise here, just trying to bring your attention to some of the key structural and engineerical differences on Z's today that might be a deciding factor in your purchase other than just buying a NAME.

    Good luck
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    EXMARK-- only way to go, I bought mine used,48" lazerhp, no trouble as of yet. Still runs stronge and cut very good. If I was to get another,it would be the 52"-27 hp.
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    Why buy Exmark, Cause John Gamba reccomends them. Quality of cut, Customer service and resale to name a few.

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