why buy from Christmas Decor, Brite Ideas, or Holiday Bright

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  1. Can someone tell me where to buy wholesale from.........?
    I sure would be nice to know where Christmas Decor, Brite Ideas, or Holiday Bright buy their lights.
    Its in china.........duh but where.
    There's a lighting expo in oct or nov over there that would be nice to go to and find some manufacturers.
  2. wurkn with amish

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    Yeah they do buy from china, so what?
    I buy from Brite Ideas for 2 reasons.... Unique product line and exceptional customer support.

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    Bethlehem lights will sell to ya.
  4. I guess i am just not into paying 500% mark up. I don't buy mulch from a retail nursery. I go right to the mulch yard.
    Same with plants, I go to tree farms 80% of the time.
    So why buy from a reseller?
  5. David Gretzmier

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    It's a matter of volume and complexity. to buy from China you first need an american- chinese agent. You cannot just go to a manufacturor, and buy. This agent will work with the manufacturor, and customs to get your product to the US. The fees at customs and shipping will eat up alot of the savings you think you will see.

    volume is another issue. if you want anything, you need to think 40 foot shipping container volume. so yes, you can buy, let's say, clear c-9 bulbs, but we're talking probably 1000 plus boxes of 1000 each, or 1 million bulbs, and no, that is not an exaggeration. even for a fairly large volume installer like myself, that is a 20-30 year supply. You can consolidate some items, such as when the same manufacturor makes mini-lights and garland, or wreaths, etc. but no one manufacturor makes all of it. In fact it seems to be spread over many. To buy several containers and hold them in inventory for several years will cost you plenty in cash or borrowing costs and warehouse costs. I'm not convinced the money you save buying direct ( and your dreaming if it is more than a 250 percent mark up. ) will be worth it unless you do over 250k in new product per year.

    we have just reached the point where we use about a container and a half load every other year total of all items we sell, including c-9's, c-9 cord, wreaths, garland, starbursts, metal displays, etc. I buy it all from Holiday Bright lights, make a fair profit, they deal with the ordering shipping hassle, no major cash outlays, minor warehousing costs, and only carry over about 1/3 of a container this year.

    there is a reason many distibutors are close on price for c-9 cord and bulbs. once you buy them from china and get them here and warehouse them, there is only so much profit you can make.
  6. wurkn with amish

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    Dave said what I guess I really wanted to say. Im just not as wordy.
    For smaller companies we cant use that much nor do we want to be retailers, which is the only way I can see getting rid of that much inventory.
    Plus will china give you a warranty?
  7. KCfireman

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    best christmas lights are whelen blue/red led light bars lining your driveway
  8. David Gretzmier

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    Thanks Kansas for that amazing info on purchasing wholesale from china.
  9. Dreams To Designs

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    We have a place not far over the bridge into Philadelphia that is a direct importer, but will sell any quantities you may need, from a box to a case or even a container.

    Have also purchased from GKI Bethlehem, and they are fair to deal with. They typically supply garden centers but have created a decent installer purchasing program.

  10. hotrod1965

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    A container holds about 48,000 strands of lights. Mark up from distributors is about 30-50% depending on what the product is.

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