Why cant Stihl make 2-Cycle equipment?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by banjoman, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Whoa!!! What does lubrication system have to do with combustion design? These are mutually exclusive. Sump lubrication and vapor lubrication are both uncoupled from the combustion design.

    When you took physics classes and learned the basics of internal combustion engines, was the lubrication system part of the discussion? I think not.
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    Okay, I wasn't going to get involved here but my god you have it all wrong people!

    First off, when you say "feather" the throttle, I assume you mean light on throttle, and on my KM110r, I can make it so it just engages the clutch, and have no problem trimming WITHOUT full throttle. Maybe you run the standard round crap, but I use a triangle shaped line and it cuts great. Most of the work I do is not even at half throttle unless I am doing thick brush.

    Second of all, the 4Mix is simply a vapor lubed 4 stroke, and you mention finding other ones without oil in the crankcase? I direct you to one of my old hobbies, RC cars. Planes have 4 stroke engines, and they DO NOT use oil in the crank case at all. Like Roger said, 4 stroke and 2 stroke refer ONLY to how many strokes of the piston, not oil systems or anything else.

    Thirdly, I grease my head every so often. I check it when I have some extra time and remember, and if it needs some, I add a little grease. I ended up replacing my FS90r with a KM110r for the attachments, but my 1 year old FS90r still runs great but it is a little hard starting at times, but I think it might just need a new plug or a quick valve adjustment.

    And lastly, I wouldn't run anything but Stihl either. I love the sheer power of my KM110r (even though it is the middle model, and a KM130r is better), and I love that the fuel tank lasts me around an hour of full throttle use. I love that I have the benefits of a 4 stroke like the high torque, better sound (subjective but I love the sound of my trimmers), and I never need to worry about changing the oil!
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    His choice of wording was inaccurate. He should have said "traditional" four stroke like those from Honda, Ryobi, etc., but then you new that already didn't you.;)
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    Don't matter, he is wrong on the internet! :laugh:
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    No, that's not what we mean by feathering the throttle. With a 2 stroke design, you can simply start squeezing harder and harder on the throttle trigger to gain more and more power (or the same going the opposite way). With the Stihl 4 mix, you can only squeeze just so much before there's a sudden and unwanted major jump in power (or again, a major drop off in power). That's far from ideal for trimming, and my only real complaint about the 4 mix.
  6. mikeypizano

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    Hmm, mine seems to be consistent through the throttle, I will have to see when I am using it again.
  7. Ridin' Green

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    If yours is, it's the only one known to exist, so hang onto it!:laugh:
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    I currently use a 5-year old Echo SRM-230. It's been a great trimmer. I just installed a new fuel filter, fuel lines, vent, and primer bulb. The machine looks like a piece of trash, but mechanically it runs perfect.
    I would have to agree with the statement that Kawasaki makes great 2-stroke equipment. I currently am in the market for a stick edger and will likely purchase a Kawasaki from my local dealer. I don't know that Echo engines (Kioritz, really) are of the same build quality today as they were 5 years ago.
  9. Duekster

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    Particularly since the Physics classes I took were about hydraulics and power transmission not power creation.
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    They don't have hour meters so idk most last two seasons . It's the valves and carbs but carbs mostly.
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