Why cant they all be like this?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by new2thebiz, Apr 24, 2005.

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    First of all let me say that the quick 36 mower is an awesome machine when it comes to the quality of cut.

    But anyways, I just finnished cutting one of the lawns from a customer I had last year with my new quick 36 on friday. The area to be mowed is just under an acre, took me about an hour including trimming and blowing. I had left her price the same as last year at 50 per cut, (which is already a little high for my area, your luck to get 40 an acre around here). The lady comes out after I finnish mowing, hands me a check for 60.00 and tells me that the lawn looks better than it ever has and if I keep it looking that good shes going to keep paying me 60 per cut.

    Why cant they all be like that?!
  2. NEPSJay

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    I dont know about the rest of the folks on here, but all of my customers have seen a increase in my rates. It all has to do with increase in my overhead. Just look at fuel prices alone....I wont touch a property for what I've done it for last year. I jacked up my base rate 20% from last year, just to pull up to the place. Thats not including fuel surcharge for customers who are out of my mileage radius. I still got more work than i can handle. Good luck!!
  3. MowerMoney

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    I also had one, mind you just one, customer last year that had to have a knee operation in June. So he asked me to cut his lawn for just 6 weeks till he recuperated. I charged him $60 (just over an hout to cut, not a big property but lots of gardens & obstacles). He told me he was fussy with his lawn. Well when I did the first cut & trim, he was so pleased that he paid me $90 and when the 6 weeks were over, he kept me on for the balance of the year at $60, of course. I'll be cutting for him again this year as well. Some people appreciate a job well done.
    And I agree with you. Why can't they all be like that?
    Oh, did I mention that this guy is also my mechanic and gives me breaks in the garage as well.
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    I picked up a client from another company this spring. Last night went over to cut the grass for the first time this season (small yard, 45x 80 foot turf area). Gave him my price and he says " I'll tell ya what, we'll pay you price +$5 per time and you just do a good job!!". I'd sure love to have more people who appreciate a job well done and are willing to pay for it.
  5. Tn Lawn Man

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    Great Post!!!!!

    This is what I really needed to hear!!!!

    I have been building my business based on quality work. However, I have also priced my work accordingly. I am not the cheapest guy out there.

    I think it is due to this that my growth has been slower than other companies in my area. And, that disappointed me some.

    However, I have looked at my work and I have looked at the competition's work and mine is much better than most of theirs.

    And, although I do not have as many clients as I would like to have the ones I do have are excellent.

    They pay on time. They are appreciative of my work. And, nearly all of them purchase more of my services than just lawn mowing.

    It is definitely working smarter and better than working harder, as long as I can keep growing the business and not price myself out of work. :)

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