Why can't we be like elevator companies

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    So I'm looking at a couple of invoices from Otis Elevator on a stuck elevator bill. They charge drive time to and back by the hour.

    Inv 1
    9 hours labor
    72.84 in parts
    Total 1872.84

    inv 2
    7 hours labor
    3 hours overtime
    total 2285.00
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    Sold an add on last night to an elevator service tech.

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    Have you ever heard of a 5 year load test? Costs a buttload. You pay the contract for the year in advance and they bill a percentage of the load test every year so you are trapped. If you have to replace an old elevator on a 4 floor building? 150,000
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    Too bad they can't go to Home Depot and buy an Orbit elevator :p

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    They r laying off people left and right. Good people.
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    Have a buddy that works for Thyssen-Krupp elevators as a tech. I believe they are union too. Gets paid an azz load of money, gets tons of overtime even if he isn't really doing anything, I believe he gets paid either 3x or 4x if on call during a holiday even if he doesn't get called out. I'd rather earn my money.

    Orbit elevator at HD, now that is a good one.
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    this coming from the guy going in for surgery.

    i like earning money too, but if you paying me 4X my rate to eat turkey and watch football, come on... you'd be a fool.
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    Not sure how that relates to my post. Explain?
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    the elevator business has its ups & downs

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