Why Choose me, instead of a lowballer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by crawdad, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. crawdad

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    Has anyone ever made up a flyer, listing the reasons a customer should choose them, instead of someone who mows a few after they are done working their real job? There are 10 other people in the newspaper right now, and people are saying, "I have someone else coming, to look at it..." I am getting more calls from telemarketers and job-seekers than potential clients, and need an edge. I have a flyer that I am hanging on doors already, this new one would be given to people at the time I meet with them to give a price.
    So, I was thinking, a flyer, listing a few reasons to choose me.
    *Business License
    *Well maintained machine with freshly sharpened blades
    *Professional attitude, this IS my real job
    *I will mow during the day, leaving the customer with a pretty yard when they get home, instead of listening to a lawn mower at night or on the weekend
    *You can save money, hiring a vagabond, like Elizabeth Smart's mom did, or you can hire a pro.
    The last one, although valid, is too tasteless for me to actually use.
    Any ideas? Or should I just impress these things on the people verbally when I talk to them.
  2. dsaldivar

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    Hi Crawdad,

    Here are my thoughts,

    Try to get certified with the state in turf and ornamental and chemical applications. Usually, everyone in the newspaper can claim Licensce and Insurance but don't have this credential. Not sure of the requirements in your state but I had to pass a state test. To me it was relatively a small price to pay for marketing this credential.

    Also, I haven't committed yet (but plan to), try joining a reputable association in our industry. Besides giving great advice and it might influence potential customers in your level of credibility and commitment in the industry.

    One last thing as for as getting more business. The best tool you have is probably your current customers. You might want to focus on a referral program and push it strong. Incent your current customers to do it.

    That's my thoughts
    See ya,
  3. Gravely_Man

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    This is a very good idea. You need something to set yourself above the competition. You can either do this when you trying to close the deal with the customer of put it on your flyers so that you would hopefully get more calls. I know that you were just kidding on the last bullet but I would definitely not use that item. Just impress them with the fact that you also own a Gravely! Best of luck to you.

  4. Mention length of time in business, indicates stability.
  5. crawdad

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    Well, I do wear my Gravely hat when going out to meet people, it's just so much cooler than my scag hat. I may have gotten a job today because my Gravely will fit through the gate that my Scag won't. Well, that and the fact that I told the lady to ask "the other guy that'll do it for 20 bucks" if he had insurance.
    "Gee, lady, I need this job, I a got a wife and four little Gravely's."
  6. paponte

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    1. When hiring a landscape professional, remember to look for quality, value, expertise, and service, not just a rock bottom price.

    2. Ask if the company is fully licensed to operate a business. Licenses required:
    FEDERAL: Employer I.D. number
    STATE: Registered Business Sales Tax number
    COUNTY: Consumer affairs
    TOWN: Some local towns & villages require special permits.

    INSURANCE: Liability and Workman's compensation

    PEST CONTROL: To control certain pests professionally by either the conventional method, a New York State certified applicators
    license and a New York State pesticide business license are required. This means anything other than fertilizer, lime and grass seed. If the company is not licensed in all of the aforementioned and works for you, you could be held liable.

    3. ask how the firm stays on top of industry changes. ask about membership in state and local associations i.e.. Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners association. Arborists Assoc., Cornell Cooperative Extension, etc. Association membership means the company is taking steps to stay current and informed.

    4. Make sure the company is capable of doing the job you want done, has the right equipment, etc. Make sure you and the Landscape Professional understand exactly what is to be done, price and time table, both of work and payment. Do not leave room for misunderstanding, be specific, do not assume anything.

    5. Ask for references. Make sure the firm is trustworthy and will follow through with the work to be done. Hopefully, when you hire a Landscape Professional, especially for maintenance, it is for a long term relationship.

    Not sure if any of that helps you out. :confused:
  7. 1stclasslawns

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    Here is what mine says.

    Why should you hire Natural Lawn?

    Natural Lawn has been in business for 9 years in the Harrison area, and has strived to provide the best in lawn care services for its costumers. I have continually upgraded equipment to be as efficient as possable, so I can cause the least amount of disturbance to you the customer, while maintaining the quality you expect.

    I hold a license from the Arkansas State Plant Board for weed control in turf grass, and keep up with the latest developements in the green industry.

    Using only EPA approved chemicals, accepted practices, and networking with leading suppliers in the industry I can vastly reduce the weed pest presence in your lawn for a more pleasing look.

    I work hard to make your place a show place and will never deliberatly do anything I consider dangerious, it is just not worth it. Therefore Natural Lawn determines all means and methods of the way somthing gets done. However in the unfortinate event somthing goes wrong we do carry liability insurence.

    Trained, experienced, licensed, insured. They question is why shouldn't you hire Natural Lawn?
  8. paponte

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    PayLess? :D
  9. brucec32

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    These are all good reasons listed, but to someone looking to hire a $20 lowballer to hack the grass down, I doubt they'll care much.

    As for the Smart family hiring the wacko who kidnapped their daughter....this is pretty typical of America today. They live in a Million dollar home in a fancy neighborhood, want for nothing, yet they just can't stand to part with enough money to hire a professional to fix their roof. There is some kind of strange psychology going on in recent years with people that makes them think that you're wasting money if you don't hire day laborers to do things for you.

    What kind of a fool hires a homeless person to come to their HOME to work? The unintended result of this type of black market labor is that wages will be driven down so low that eventually many things will be impossible to get done by responsible businesses, since they've all left the business due to the low profit potential.

    I would never let someone who didn't present themselves well, have a reputation in the business, and know what they're doing come to my house to work every week while I'm gone. But some people are just naive. Almost certainly at least some of the scroungy folks you see out and about mowing lawns are casing houses for their buddies to visit later, since they've established exactly when nobody's home.
  10. crawdad

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    I really thought we'd have more reply's to this one, but the quality more than makes up for any lack of quantity. I can see my next flyer coming together, here. Keep it coming.

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