Why did I buy this mower again

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    On one truck I have 2 mowers. One is an exmark metro 21 with the Kawasaki and the other is a one year old Toro with Kawasaki engine on it.

    The Exmark had a sump gasket go out on it right at about a year. Kawasaki replaced the engine completely and I had it back in just 2 days. Well my 22040 went out last year in March and that is when I purchased a new Toro with the Kawasaki on it.

    Fast forward now to May of this year. I seemed to think I was smelling oil but it was not real bad. Thought maybe it was just because it was starting to get warm and maybe just burning some oil. This was around the beginning of May. Now it's the end of the month and it is really strong in smell now and I noticed it burned through all it's oil in one week. So, then I called up the dealer and said hey I think I have a problem. The said bring it on in. Well I couldn't take it in for 2 more days till the week ended.

    During those 2 days when ever we started it, it would visibly smoke. So now I really needed to get it in there. So, I took it in late on a Friday evening and said it's smoking I think it is the sump gasket please make sure it is covered under warranty and call me if there are any problems.

    Guy goes well it's $40 something to look at it or some figure like that. I am like well look at it now smoking and tell me what you think cause I really think it is a warranty thing. So, we go out there mechanic looks it over and says well it's going to be about $200 to fix!

    I said do what? He said well you have not changed the oil since you bought the mower because the oil is dirty and you that is the original filter on the mower. ( I change my oil once a month.) So I showed him my other mower the exmark with the filter on it and then my lesco with the filter on it to prove to him that these are not original filters. Then he says well you carb is clogged and that is what is really causing it to smoke. Yeahk, it was dirty but it was oil that was collecting every little particle.

    I didn't agree with him and told him I didn't. But I am not a mechanic so I said ok go ahead and fix it. I pick it up 3 days later for $170 bucks.

    New spark plug, carb clean, new air filter, change oil. They load it on the trailer I go to my first house and the guys are out mowing while I am putting gas in the weedeater. Well what do you know there is that oil smell again. I don't see anything coming out of the mower so I figure ok maybe the over filled it or it is just burning off oil that got in the muffler. Nope it was none of that. I worked the whole week with it smoking here and there when you started it and all that. I called them and explained and they said well everything was fine other wise. Not sure what it could be. I won't go into where that went but I got most of my money back on that. I just paid for stuff that needed to be done.

    So, I take it to my normal dealer that I use that I just don't by mowers from because they only carry the toro's with Honda's which at the time I couldn't afford. They take it apart and replace the crank case gasket and said that it was bad and that it had blow oil all up into the carb etc and that is what was causing it to smoke.

    I pick it up after about 3 days and guess what same thing. Now I am frustrated because for 2 weeks now I have been behind because I didn't have a mower. I drop it off for a 3rd time and said please find out what this is. He calls me the next day and says well the mower is just plain wore out. I said DO WHAT? He said the piston almost moves inside the cylinder wall. (something like that) I said there is no way that thing is wore out is just over a year old and my other exmark with the same Kawasaki engine is on 4 years with no problems. He said I needed a new mower.

    Well I bought one wth a Honda on it. Great mower. Now back to my mower. I told him call Kawasaki and tell them to replace that succer cause that just is not right. He calls me one day later and after further inspection said you know what Kawasaki needs to replace this engine. I said I thought so. He said that when the crank case gasket went out it pretty much allowed stuff to get into the cylinder or something like that causing it to wear out.

    So, I will find out Tuesday if Kawasaki is going to cover it. I hope the do. I thought they had fixed the problems they were having with this engines? Maybe I just happened to get a bad one or something.
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    bring back the fc 150v!

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