Why did you start your biz?


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I always wonder what motivates people like us to do this, given the odds against success. I did it because (1) it gave me some flexibility to do something besides work, and (2) I'm pretty stubborn (frequently caused heartburn with employers) and (3) I made more money on Saturday cutting grass than I did 50+ hrs a week at the old job.

I've stayed with it because I like it, and I have some goals that are not likely to be reached the old way. I don't know what you guys' long term goals are, but I want OUT OF DEBT!!!! I have paid off so many bills it's pretty sickening. Still have a few to go, but if things stay the same as this past season, the only payment I'll have this time next year is my mortgage.


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I hope to retire in 6 years from Medic at age 42. I have never worked a 9-5 job and wished to own my own business. I started a company 10 years ago teaching assorted medical classes and sold it in 1996, I then started this business. My plan is to have my business up and running in 6 years with every piece of equipment paid for, time will tell.

My current work schedule allows me the luxury to start slowly, and progress as needed. I also am stubborn and sometime a little vocal with management.


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On my day job I work for a Japaense company and Im really tirirng of it. I also run a Chicken farm for Perdue (man do I hate Chickens) it pays for my farm though. I have a 5 year plan and hope to be doing Lawncare full time. I like the hours,and I really like working for myself. I am starting really slow an I also have a goal of having everthing paid for before I go full time. The area of NC I live in is growing very rapidly so if I do a quality work I should make a good living which is all I want any way. I too am a little stubborn and man do the Japs hate that. So being my own boss is by far the best bet for me.


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Never did like the idea of someone else telling me what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, when to go to work, when to go home, when to eat, when to sleep, and to have to get permission to take a day off.

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I started mowing lawns to stay in shape because I'm a firefighter. I like working outdoors and being my own boss plus the money is better than from a 9-5 job. My wife has been doing this with me for 6 years. It gives us more time togather. She had worked upper mangement, too many hours and alot of stress.


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I started because I figured as a student it would pay better than a regular summer job, now four years later upon graduation I think it will become my regular job!


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I like being self employed. Work harder and faster and you make more money. I like that. Being outside is nice most of the time.


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Bosses always hated me because I could never get my nose brown enough to suit them. Low paying jobs in my (red)neck of the woods were a reason. Now when I work hard I get paid properly.


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Well i started my biz part time when my wife left me 7 yrs. ago.Started out because i flat needed some extra cash .I work full time for a folding carton manufacture from 6:30 till 2:30 that gives me plenty of daylight to do quite a bit of work before dark,Now i'am still a part time pro but i hope to start full time in a couple of years.It's bad when you can make more money in 3hrs than you made in 8hrs !!!!!!!

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I started in this business because I like to run my own show. Right now I work in a factory a Heating and Refrigeration Tech. The atmosphere is harsh concerning managment. I can make more money and best of all I enjoy the outdoors and what I am doing. I hope to go full time next season