Why do i have brown patches all over my yard

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ptkcro, Jun 9, 2010.

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    I'm having a problem with my yard and am seeking advice on how to deal with it. I have about 1/4 acre of well maintained yard but for some reason it is all gradually turning from green to brown as brown patches of grass have been taking over my yard over the past 3-4 weeks. It is usually lush and green this time of year. I've attached a picture of the problem.

    Here is some background..I live in western PA. Not sure what type of grass is growing in my yard. It's been raining more than usual. Very wet yard with few sunny days. I have my yard treated/fertilized. Last time was May 1st.

    Any ideas?

    brown grass.jpg
  2. Think Green

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    I will type this information Verbatim from a publication that was given to me by Lesco.

    BROWN PATCH (Rhizoctonia Blight)

    All common species of turfgrass are afflicted

    Warm season and cool season turf.

    Environmental Conditions:
    Night temperature >60 for cool season turf.
    Night temperature 50-60 for warm season turf.
    More than 10 hours of foliar wetness per day for several days.
    Disease is more severe at lower mowing heights.
    Disease is more severe at water soaked soils.

    Cultural Controls:
    Disease is more severe on lush over fertilized grass with excessive nitrogen to soils low in phosphorous and Potassium.
    Maintain a balanced fertilizer, low in quick release nitrogen throughout the growing season.
    Increase air circulation.........cultural methods of aerating and de-thatching.
    Mow at proper heights and taller if needed.
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    Yep, Brown Patch.
    NC Ag posted an Alert for Cool Season grass a few weeks ago and I'm seeing it all over town (and my backyard) in warm season grass here in Wilmington, NC.
    Get a fungicide app or if you want to try the "green" approach, corn meal.
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    LOLOL...That isnt brown patch..it doesnt even LOOK like brown patch. Red thread from 100 miles away. Probably time to feed your lawn. Sure a fungicide will work too. The two posters above are not even in the same weather pattern as you...
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    ok, red thread, same treatment, fungicide and/or corn meal...and fert. Bag your clippings too.

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